A Turkish company stops producing 1/4 of the electricity in Lebanon, risk of "blackout"

Karadeniz Powership Orhan Bey, a power generation vessel from Turkey, docked at the port of Jiyeh, south of Beirut, Lebanon on August 10, 2017. REUTERS - AZIZ TAHER

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Lebanon, mired in an unprecedented economic and social crisis, did not need this.

Two power station ships stationed off the coast of the country stopped production on Friday morning, depriving the country of a quarter of its electricity supply.

In question, arrears of payment from the Lebanese State that the Turkish operator refuses to tolerate any longer.

The company also deplores an environment " 

full of direct and unjustifiable risks

 ", in reference to suspicions of embezzlement that the Lebanese justice allegedly accuses it of.


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This closure, the Turkish company Karpowership, owner of the ships said " 

deeply regret 


But the latter regrets having no other choice after waiting 18 months for payment for her services by the Lebanese state.

A financially hard-pressed state.

We have been excessively flexible, continuing to provide electricity without payment or payment schedule because the country was already going through a difficult period 

," explained Karpowership, which has been present in the country since 2013.

These arrears would amount to $ 100 million according to the company.

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Disputed legal proceedings

But that's not all.

Karpowership, a subsidiary of the Turkish energy company Karadeniz, is also contesting legal proceedings against it.

The financial attorney general last week banned Karpowership from leaving Lebanese waters and threatened to seize the ships over the alleged payment of kickbacks.

Allegations considered by Turkish society as " 

unfounded and lacking in credibility 


For the time being, the Lebanese, who have already been living at the rate of power cuts for decades because of a public supplier, Électricité du Liban, notoriously failing, risk a total blackout.

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