This new model in the Skoda catalog is obviously based on the VW group's common MEB platform.

The SUV will eventually have a diverse range: 5 power levels (150 to 306 hp), 4x2 or 4x4, and 3 battery capacities, 55, 62 or 82 kWh depending on the desired range, which can reach up to 520 km away!

If, in profile, you find a little air of Volkswagen ID.4, nothing more normal, they are two cousins ​​who share many of their elements. It seems to us that the Skoda is a little more classic, but at the same time has a hell of a mouth. Everyone will judge. Inside, the design of the on-board cabinet is also surprising. Dictated by the electric motor and the hunt for extra pounds it induces, its design is more aerial, most of the physical controls having disappeared in favor of the touch screen.

At this level, the driver benefits from a 5.3-inch virtual cockpit (not very customizable) and a large 13-inch central screen.

Nice, but sometimes at the expense of ergonomics.

True to the brand's habits, the new model offers plenty of space on board.

Five adults can be comfortably seated, even taller builders will appreciate the knee room in the back.

And then on the trunk side, with 585 liters for luggage, this Enyaq proves that it is cut for family trips.

Finally, Czech tradition obliges, practical tips abound, such as the scraper hidden in the tailgate, the large storage bin for charging cables or ... the umbrella in the edge of the driver's door!

Petty options

Our test took place on board the top of the range "80" version. In reality, the battery has a gross capacity of 82 kWh, but only 77 in net. Either ... From the first meters, we appreciate the silence of operation worthy of an electric, of course. Then, even if the accelerations from a standing start are frank, the weight of the machine (around 2 tons!) Does not encourage sporty driving. Moreover, the idea here is to extend autonomy. So, on the menu: driving casting, and regeneration during deceleration and braking.

Thus, during our test, we noted the possibility of making up to 300 km of motorway and at least 400 in urban / extra-urban route.

Charging a battery of this capacity will require a WallBox at home if you don't want to spend the weekend charging.

Less worries about fast terminals (DC) in 50 kWh, and especially in 100 kWh and more.

Except that there, it will be necessary to go through a more powerful integrated charger, option invoiced 525 €.

Another small price pettiness: the heat pump which optimizes the autonomy is billed 1,200 €.

There are no small profits, even at Skoda.

And with that, the brand fits better than ever within the big VW family!

The Skoda Enyaq iV 50 starts at € 38,050.


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The Skoda Enyaq iV 80 in a few figures

  • Motor: electric;

    204 hp;

    310 Nm

  • Transmission: to rear wheels

  • Gearbox: auto 1 report

  • L / W / H (mm): 4.649 / 1.879 / 1.616

  • Empty weight (kg): 2.090

  • Chest (l): 585

  • Batteries (kWh): 77

  • 0 to 100 km / h (sec.): 8.6

  • Max speed (km / h): 160 km / h

  • Combined consumption (kWh / 100km): 15.2-21.6

  • WLTP range (km): 537

  • Price (€): 47.770

  • Car

  • Electric car

  • Skoda

  • Automotive