(The First Consumer Expo) From Consumer Expo to Free Trade Port: Gold everywhere highlights strategic opportunities for investment in Hainan

  China News Service, Haikou, May 10 (Reporter Huang Yi) The success of the first China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Fair) has allowed the world to witness the opening of Hainan first, and the accelerated construction of the free trade port will release more dividends. Stimulate foreign investment enthusiasm.

  Thanks to the Hainan Free Trade Port’s “zero-tariff” policy for transportation and yachts, at the Consumer Expo, the first yacht to enjoy the “zero-tariff” policy was signed to reduce or exempt customers from value-added tax and consumption tax of nearly RMB 4 million.

On May 10, Haikou City, Hainan Province, the first Consumer Expo began to open to the public.

The picture shows people walking into the login hall of the Consumer Fair.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

  Many exhibitors believe that the deeper charm of the Consumer Fair comes from the support of a series of policy dividends from the Hainan Free Trade Port.

Hainan Free Trade Port has implemented policies such as visa exemption for entry into 59 countries, tax exemption for outlying islands, and tax exemption list for imports, providing a good channel for overseas brands to enter the Chinese market.

  In the opinion of L'Oréal North Asia President and China Chief Executive Officer Fabre, Hainan’s newly upgraded tax-free shopping policy has accelerated the prosperity of the beauty industry and stimulated the growth of consumption in the Chinese market.

He said that L'Oréal will fully grasp the opportunities brought by the Hainan Free Trade Port and promote the implementation of the favorable policy of "first try first" in the beauty industry.

  During the Consumer Expo, the official store opening ceremony of L'Oréal Group's brands was held in Sanya Hailv Duty Free City, including 14 brands including Lancome, Coyan's, Helena, Saint Laurent, and Shu Uemura.

So far, L'Oréal has 15 iconic brands in Hainan's travel retail sector.

  “In the future, Fosun will continue to expand and deepen cooperation with Hainan in multi-industry fields.” As a pioneer in investing in Hainan, Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, pointed out that after the release of the overall plan for the Hainan Free Trade Port, the policy dividend spillover effect is obvious.

Many of Fosun's industrial sectors in Hainan have found a new round of development opportunities. At present, the Sanya Atlantis Hotel has become a benchmark for high-quality tourism development projects in Hainan.

  The strategic opportunities of the Hainan Free Trade Port are attracting international brands to accelerate their deployment in Hainan. During the Consumer Expo, centralized procurement docking and signing ceremonies will follow one after another.

International duty-free giants have joined forces with new tax-free companies on the island, and small and medium-sized enterprises have also rushed to the Hainan duty-free market.

  At a time when the world's development is undergoing major changes, the time and location of the Hainan Free Trade Port's construction is extremely attractive to domestic and foreign enterprises.

"We look forward to using the stage of the Consumer Expo to help companies and governments connect more resources, fully demonstrate the development opportunities of the Chinese market and Hainan Free Trade Port, and ultimately realize the commercial value and strategic goals of all parties." PricewaterhouseCoopers Chinese domestic companies Jiang Kai, the head of the South China Business Development Department, revealed that PricewaterhouseCoopers is distributed in more than 20 offices across China, and has continuous consultation on Hainan investment projects, and the project has a high success rate.

  "The Consumer Fair is a benchmark for the high-level opening of Hainan Free Trade Port and a practice of deep-level reforms. It will further release the dividends of a series of free trade port system integration and innovation, and further promote the steady and long-term development of Hainan Free Trade Port." Hainan University Said Xie Xiangxiang, deputy dean of the Institute of Tourism.

  Zhang Yong, chief expert and dean of the Silk Road Research Institute (Haikou), and deputy director of the Shanghai Finance and Development Laboratory, said that Hainan should fully amplify the driving effect of the Consumer Fair, and use the effects of the Consumer Fair in various projects, platforms, and carriers. The way is solidified and carried forward.

"For example, the Hainan Global Consumer Boutique Center project launched at this exhibition combines innovations such as the fifth and seventh freedom rights of Haikou Meilan International Airport and the visa-free entry policies of 59 countries. The goal is to create a'never The end of the Consumer Fair'."

  Feng Fei, governor of Hainan Province, issued an invitation to the world during the Consumer Expo.

He said that with the support of many policies and the unremitting efforts of Hainan to "practice internal strength, turn energy, and attract external forces", Hainan Free Trade Port continues to become a hot spot for investment and consumption.

Investors from all over the world are welcome to invest and start businesses in Hainan, actively participate in the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and share China’s development opportunities and the fruits of China’s reforms.