The nightclubs have been closed for many months and still have no clear prospect of reopening.

The Minister for SMEs Alain Griset assured BFM Business that the operators would be fixed on "June 15 at the latest" and that a specific plan was under study. 

The operators of discotheques will be fixed on "June 15 at the latest" on the date of their reopening and will be able to benefit from an extended support of their fixed costs, announced Monday the Minister Delegate for SMEs Alain Griset.

"For the moment we have not given them a date, but I received them last week telling them that by June 15 at the latest we will give them a provisional date of reopening", declared the minister on BFM Business . 


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Discotheques consider themselves discriminated against

"We are going to have a meeting with the Ministry of Health in the coming days to see how we can consider reopening, in terms of gauges and protocols," he added. A summary was filed with the Council of State by nightclub operators to request their reopening on June 30, the latter considering themselves discriminated against while restaurants and bars will be able to reopen their terrace on May 19, then their room without any gauge on the 30 June.

But the risks of contamination are considered particularly high in these closed establishments, the Covid-19 being deemed to be transmitted via aerosols, that is to say the invisible clouds of particles produced by the breathing, speech or cries of people. infected, which tend to concentrate in the air if ventilation is poor.

A "plan for discotheques" under study

To help operators get through this bad patch, the Minister also announced that nightclubs would henceforth be eligible for the reinforced system for covering the fixed costs of the companies most penalized by the crisis. 

It provides assistance up to 70% of the fixed costs of companies with more than 50 employees and 90% for companies with less than 50 employees, up to a limit of 10 million euros per year. Beyond the Solidarity Fund, a "plan for nightclubs" is being studied, the minister said in order to support them in the long term.