China News Service, May 10th. On May 10th, the first China Biocomputing Conference was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Li Yanhong, the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, and the founder and chairman of Baitu Biotech, delivered a speech at the scene.

Li Yanhong said that biological computing is a highly integrated subject, and the fusion of biology + computing will bring huge breakthroughs and progress.

Relying on the biological computing engine, a large amount of biological data can be effectively used, turning the "needle in a haystack" of drug discovery into "finding by picture."

  "We hope to use AI technology to shorten the time for drug development, reduce the side effects of drugs, reduce the huge medical burden of patients, and strive for more possibilities for each life." Li Yanhong said, "In the most critical area of ​​life and health, No matter how much investment, no matter how high the risk is, and no matter how long the cycle, we must resolutely do it. Life science has no end, only effort."

  Li Yanhong said that there are many similarities between the field of biocomputing today and the rapid development of the Internet information field at that time. The human body data brought by genomics research, the knowledge accumulated in the development of new drugs and the new types of machine learning algorithms are three. Key indicators are growing rapidly and are jointly promoting the creation of value for mankind by biological computing.

The development of the biocomputing industry requires the coordination of ecology and the industrial chain, building an open biocomputing innovation ecology, and exploring the vast "no man's land" of life sciences.