In the Tang's Bamboo Weaving Exhibition Hall, Gaofeng Village, Guangde City, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, various bamboo weaving products with various weaving shapes and flavors using purple bamboo, moso bamboo and Xiangfei bamboo as raw materials are displayed.

Guangde City is known as the "Hometown of Bamboo in China", and bamboo weaving is a traditional production technique with considerable local influence.

  Tang's bamboo weaving is famous for its exquisite materials, delicate weaving, bright color, wide variety and exquisite shape.

In recent years, it has been very popular with merchants from neighboring Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Japan and South Korea.

  The Tang's bamboo woven products of Anhui Provincial Intangible Heritage List also have a certain reputation in the local area.

The inheritor Tang Shili has been engaged in the bamboo weaving industry for more than 40 years. His daughter Tang Shengli introduced that their family has hundreds of bamboo weaving products, with annual sales of about three to four million yuan. There are mainly two types of customers, one of which is Regular customers, mainly from Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places, are all customized in batches.

(Reporter Wu Lan produced Guo Shihao)

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]