Our reporter Hu Jiefei and Wang He

  Daoxiangcun pastries with both beauty and delicacy, Bosideng clothing that combines tradition and fashion, and Haier's small home appliances with high quality and low price... In recent years, a number of local Chinese brands have come to the hearts of consumers.

However, how to make them become familiar brands to overseas consumers and form a real competitive advantage in the international arena?

On the eve of the fifth Chinese brand day, the international superior cluster brand alliance was formally established in Shanghai, and the Chinese brand's "going abroad" road has a clearer framework and a more pragmatic approach.

  "Hand in hand" walking together, Chinese brands form a cluster effect

  When buying a high-end smart toilet seat, can you only think of Japan?

Drinking fresh milk, are New Zealand and Australia still your first choice?

  The fact is that with the development of the national economy, my country already has a number of intelligent manufacturing companies and dairy companies whose product quality has reached the international advanced level.

  “Ili ranks fifth in the global dairy industry and Mengniu ranks eighth. Many smart toilet seats in Japan are made in China, but many people don’t know it.” said Liu Pingping, chairman of the China Brand Building Promotion Association. Nowadays, brand consumption and brand economy are about to emerge. For Chinese companies, the fierce competition has come, and they must take up "real swords and guns" to meet the challenge.

  "When Haier founded the Casarte brand in 2006, the Chinese high-end home appliance market was in the hands of European and American brands. After 15 years of hard work, Casarte has become the main force in China's high-end home appliance market." Zhou Yunjie, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Haier Group Say.

  The Haier Group's "going to sea" road is full of hardships.

“After we make a profit in one country, we will enter another country. Therefore, it took almost 26 years (until 2016) for Haier to achieve break-even in overseas markets.” In Zhou Yunjie’s view, these tragic stories are all different. Highlights the importance of China's establishment of brand alliances.

  From "single fight alone" to "fighting with fingers", the road of cluster development of Chinese brands "going to the sea" has taken solid steps.

  Wu Wei, deputy secretary general of the International Advantage Cluster Brand Alliance, introduced that my country has established more than 30 international advantage brand clusters, and 17 brand clusters will be established by the end of this year.

  "What a brand can't do, through ten brands and 100 brands (that can be done), Chinese brands must unite, bring real value to the world, and let consumers all over the world recognize Chinese brands. "Wu Wei said.

  "Strengthening industrial coordination and technological cooperation among enterprises will help to form a high degree of spatial accumulation and close coordination between upstream and downstream through project cooperation and industrial co-construction, and ultimately achieve the goal of seizing the market and establishing a Chinese brand image." China Energy Conservation Yu Honghui, deputy secretary and general manager of the Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd., believes that Chinese brand clusters will effectively promote Chinese brands to "go global."

  "The blade is inward", to compete for the right to speak with "specialization" and "standardization"

  "20% of well-known brands have 80% of the market share, and the world has long entered the era of brand economy..." In Liu Pingping's view, Chinese companies have established their own brands to establish their own internal requirements for commercial moats.

  "Sinopec has put into operation the Winter Olympics image gas stations in Chongli, Shijiazhuang, Beijing, Hebei, etc., integrating Olympic and ice and snow elements into the exterior and interior, and setting up the official licensed merchandise retail store for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, welcoming many people. Check-in and praise." The relevant person in charge of Sinopec said that in recent years, Sinopec has vigorously strengthened brand building, and has successively launched products and concepts such as "No fakes in Wandian" and cross-border "You buy vegetables", which further strengthens Sinopec's brand soft power The improvement also strongly feeds back the business development.

  The brand "goes to the sea", the standard first.

Liu Pingping introduced that over the years, my country has established a set of higher standard industry system through the "3.15" exposure of counterfeit and shoddy goods.

  It is reported that in order to convey the positive energy of Chinese brands, my country has promulgated 38 national standards for brand evaluation, and a "scientific, fair, open, and recognized" national brand evaluation mechanism and brand evaluation standard system have basically been established.

  The road of standardization of Chinese brands to extend to the outside world is also stable and far-reaching.

In 2008, China became a permanent member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); subsequently, China and the United States submitted a joint proposal to the International Organization for Standardization to establish an "ISO Brand Evaluation Technical Committee"; in 2014, China became a "five element" brand The founding country of value development theory has obtained the status of secretary country of ISO/TC 289 of the International Organization for Standardization Brand Evaluation Technical Committee.

  In addition, the China Brand Building Promotion Association also promoted the approval and registration of the "International Famous Brand Alliance" and the "International Brand Academy" in Hong Kong, and the "International Brand Academy" inaugural meeting will be held in October this year.

  Sing the "double cycle" and promote high-quality development with "strong brand"

  "Studies have shown that every 1% increase in brand value will increase the country’s GDP by 0.13%." According to Du Jiangang, a professor at Nankai University Business School, under the background of "dual cycle", the collection of international superior brands will not only have Helping to gain international popularity, it is a new opportunity and a new stage for China to tap the potential of domestic demand and open up international trade.

  It is worth mentioning that under the promotion of the China Brand Promotion Association, the International Brand Development Fund of Funds has also been formally established recently.

The fund aims to add greater momentum to the development of Chinese brands through the layout and operation of the equity fund of funds business.

China Resources Capital is the fund manager of this fund.

  "Providing large-scale and sustained jobs in the new economy, introducing a large number of high-quality innovative talents to the region, and activating the vitality of time-honored brands... This is not only an important mission of China Resources, but also the original intention of the establishment of the international brand development fund of funds." In China Resources (Group) Limited In the mind of Li Fuli, a member of the company's party committee and deputy general manager, a grand and beautiful blueprint has been slowly unfolded.

  Li Fuli introduced that China Resources Group has currently participated in investing in well-known overseas brands such as City Super, promoting the characteristic national trend and digital transformation, and landing its subsidiaries in MixCity and Snow Beer.

In addition, China Resources Group ranks 78th among the top 500 global brands in 2019. Its financing and economic and trade network advantages in Hong Kong are all important forces to help Chinese brands "go global."

  In the view of Zhao Jianze, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanxi Coking Coal Group, the cluster of brands not only helps to create a distinctive "Chinese mark", but is also an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the promotion of supply-side structural reforms.

  It is reported that the China Coking Coal Brand Cluster, established in September 2018, adheres to the use of big data technology, collaborates with nine member companies, and builds a sample pool based on real transaction data to form a coking coal price index.

At present, this index has become the only coking coal price index in the development and reform data column of the National Development and Reform Commission's official website. It is also the only national coking coal price index in the world, and it is the vane of global coking coal prices.

  The road to Chinese brand building is high and long. Fortunately, the road ahead is great.