(The First Consumer Fair) Consumption of "black technology" earns enough attention

  China News Service, Haikou, May 9th (Reporter Huang Yi Wangziqian) When artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality and other new technologies are combined with consumer products, what kind of sparks will it create?

At the first China International Consumer Goods Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Fair), a large number of "black technology" products attracted attention and made people feel like they are in the future.

  In the Migu Coffee booth, a dual-arm six-axis robot named "AI Coffee Master" is demonstrating the production of hand-made coffee, taking beans, grinding beans, steaming, brewing, and cleaning. The whole operation is smooth and flowing, attracting Passers-by were amazed.

Research and development engineer Liu Demeng introduced that this coffee robot perfectly reproduces the coffee master's technique. As long as the raw materials are sufficient, it can make 7×24 hours of uninterrupted production, and the quality of each cup is consistent.

  Don't think that robots are cold. The intelligent music emotion robot "Crinoid" independently developed by the music technology team of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) already has the technical advantages of intelligent notation, intelligent composition and intelligent performance based on music emotion calculation.

It has broad application prospects in many fields such as science education, musical instrument testing, art performance, and music education.

  "Nowadays, it is easier for the general public to accept products that make life more convenient, and it is easier to accept new, exotic and special brands, including some products that are integrated with the sense of future technology." The live broadcast of the goods "first sister" Wei Ya shared herself during the Consumer Expo Her perception of China's consumption trends is now reflected in the love of "smart" consumer products by the audience of the Consumer Fair.

  Shuttle in various exhibition halls, products with a sense of science and technology can always earn more popularity.

IFLYTEK’s dual-screen translator that supports 83 kinds of voice translation has attracted people to test the machine; Omron’s predictive electronic thermometer that can predict the actual body temperature in a few minutes is very popular; Singapore’s OSIM exhibition hall welcomes one batch after another A group of audiences, because the massage chairs they bring are equipped with pressure tension sensors, which can automatically detect their physical conditions and scientifically generate massage plans.

  In addition, the reporter noticed that there was a "small whirlwind" of smart sports at the Consumer Expo.

Smart rowing machine, through the camera to identify whether the action is standard, not only can single-person rowing, but also networked for multi-player competition; the surface of the smart sandbag will automatically display different colored hitting points, making boxing as fun as playing a game; football intelligent training system , You can practice passing, shooting, you can also increase the difficulty in the field, insert the wings of technology for football training.

The intelligent physique testing all-in-one machine brought by Taishan Sports can perform 11 physical tests such as push-ups, step experiments, and sit-ups, as well as 15 medical tests such as body fat percentage, muscle weight, and estimated bone mass, and start exercises based on the test results prescription.

The relevant exhibition area was very popular, and adults and children stepped forward to try their best.

  The Hubei Pavilion exhibited an unmanned bus. The vehicle has two sets of L4 autonomous driving and 5G parallel driving solutions. It is mainly used for unmanned parking services on roads in cities, parks, scenic spots, etc. The vehicle does not have a driver's seat at all.

Mr. Wang, who was watching the exhibition, said to reporters: "I really understand what is meant by'technology makes life better'. I thought that the future is far away, but I didn't expect to be so close to us." (End)