(First Consumer Expo) Milan-Haikou freight route will be opened, European luxury goods can fly to Hainan in 36 hours

  China News Service, Haikou, May 9th (Reporter Huang Yi) On May 9, the signing ceremony of the China-Europe Fashion Express Platform (CEFEP) Framework Agreement and the promotion of the intercontinental cargo route from Milan to Haikou in Italy were held at the main venue of the Haikou Consumer Expo. "China-Europe Fashion Express"-direct cargo charter flight from Milan, Italy to Haikou, China is expected to open in mid-to-late May, and luxury goods from Europe can arrive in Hainan within 36 hours.

  The opening of this route will end the history of the absence of direct flights between the Italian and Swiss industrial clusters, the most important European producer of fashion consumer goods, and Hainan.

The products of high-end boutique manufacturers in Lombardy, Italy, from the manufacturer’s collection to the international direct flight to the Hainan duty-free sales counter, the whole journey can take as little as 36 hours, which is 7-8 days compared to the previous 40-60 days by sea The international transit air freight greatly saves time and money in transit, allowing Chinese consumers to simultaneously enjoy the most cutting-edge European fashion products in Hainan.

  It is reported that the "China-Europe Fashion Express"-the direct cargo charter flight route from Milan, Italy to Haikou, China is scheduled to launch in mid-to-late May. It will be flown by the Boeing 787-9 model of China Southern Airlines. It will fly twice a week, Monday. , Departed from Milan on Thursday.