(The 1st Consumer Expo) Exploring the Museum of Consumer Expo: "High, new, excellent, special" must-see exhibits at home and abroad are sought after

  China News Service, Haikou, May 7 (Xia Bin Chen Jing) The first China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer Fair) opened on May 6 at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center in China, the largest consumer in the Asia-Pacific region At the boutique exhibition, a series of must-see exhibits of "high, new, excellent and special" from home and abroad are sought after.

  Hall 1: The Galeon360 FLY yacht catches the eye

  The No. 1 Pavilion of the Consumer Expo is a residential consumer lifestyle pavilion. The exhibits on the shelves include well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Omron, Dell, Jaguar Land Rover, Tesla, Tmall International, and JD.com.

  In the pavilion, there is a Cartier Galeon360 FLY subordinate to O'Neill Yachts. The small figure also has a star fan, which is very eye-catching.

  Galeon360 FLY is the first 11-meter flying bridge boat launched by Cartier, with a maximum capacity of 10 people.

  German Hans Yachts, American yacht brand Fwens, and Italian helicopter manufacturer Agusta also came to the Expo.

  At the Kaiwo booth next to the yacht, famous cars such as George Barton off-road and Mercedes-Benz G-Class are parked, and car enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves.

  At the exhibition, Omron brought new electronic thermometers to the show. With Omron's original computing chip, it can achieve rapid and accurate temperature measurement. The shortest predictive temperature measurement takes only 15 seconds.

  Hall 2: The first exhibition of handmade "Eggs" weighing 10 kilograms

  In the jewellery and diamond exhibition area of ​​Hall 2, many top jewels have unveiled the "mystery".

  The first exhibition of a "Golden Egg" made of 18K gold by hand and weighing 10 kilograms-Faberge's "Hundred Years of Prosperity" egg was developed for the first time in the world at the Consumer Fair.

  This Faberge "Hundred Years of Prosperity" egg was customized by Harrods, the world's most prestigious department store, and was originally planned to be developed in Harrods, UK on May 17, 2021.

After Faberge's coordinated efforts, it was loaned out from the owner, Harrods, and was escorted to Hainan from the UK in advance.

  "This "Hundred Years of Prosperity" egg was launched at the Consumer Fair, and I believe it will be more meaningful than the reopening of Harrods in the UK," said the relevant person in charge of Faberge.

  Hall 3: The 1978 Macallan Yaohong series unveiled

  Hall 3 is like a super large "life supermarket", bringing together a variety of global scarce commodities, top-quality food and wine.

  The Osbourg Group of Spain will release the 130th anniversary commemorative model of Carlos I (Carlos I) Sherry Brandy, the 150th anniversary of Montecillo wine, the 1 liter of Nordes Gin, and show the national treasure of Spain for the first time Class 5J Ham (Cinco Jotas) high-end boutique image.

  The Macallan Red Collection, the whisky series with the highest vintage (up to 78 years) so far, was displayed at the Consumer Fair. This is the first time that the series has been exhibited in mainland China.

The same series (different wine labels) was sold at Sotheby's London auction for £760,000 in November 2020.

  Hall 4: Cute pet "circle powder" health care products become the main product

  Natural health preservation is in the No. 4 high-end food and health products exhibition area, and the main features of "no additives", "natural" and "health preservation" have become important labels of the museum.

  The China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Science organized more than 10 bird's nest brands from Malaysia and Indonesia to participate in the exhibition.

  The Warmpaca brand, a Peruvian alpaca product, will not only bring a variety of cute alpaca pets, but will also bring the latest design of alpaca hand-woven scarves and other accessories.

  Hall 5: Feast your eyes on legendary black diamonds worth 250 million yuan

  In Hall 5, L'Oréal, the global beauty industry leader, will allow visitors to experience the group's 16 beauty brand portfolios, and launch exclusive new products and immersive experiences for this consumer expo.

  Want to own a personalized watch?

The Swiss National Pavilion launched customized Swatch watches.

Consumers can choose the straps and surface patterns created by Swiss and Chinese artists. The back of the watch head can also be personalized with lettering, which can be printed by a watch printer to complete a personalized watch.

  The KORLOFF legendary black diamond of the same name, which weighs 88 carats, has 57 facets, and is valued at 250 million yuan, "one of the world's black diamond T0P5", also appeared at the Consumer Fair.

  Frequent appearances of digital RMB

  At the Consumer Fair, you can not only see the first launch of various products, appreciate the dazzling jewelry, but also experience how the digital renminbi is used.

  In the digital renminbi experience activity zone created in the exhibition hall, audiences can experience various soft and hard wallet products, and use convenient entertainment facilities such as gashapon machines, coffee machines, vending machines, and currency exchange machines that can exchange digital renminbi. , Feel the multi-scenario ecosystem covering the Winter Olympics, cross-border, smart people’s livelihood and other fields.

  In addition, at the Consumer Fair, Bank of China’s Hai Travel Duty Free Shop in Hall 5 (dual offline payment scenario), Hilton and Shangri-La Hotel in Hall 6 are all equipped with digital renminbi payments. (Finish)