China News Service, Beijing, May 7 (Reporter Zhou Yin) Aviation Industry Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as Aviation Industry) disclosed on the 7th that the first Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Response At the Rescue Expo, the aviation industry brought more than 100 domestically-made aviation emergency rescue equipment products to the show, showing the latest achievements in the systematic development of China's aviation emergency rescue equipment.

  According to the aviation industry, the theme of this expo is "Leveraging Aviation Advantages to Help the Construction of Emergency Rescue System in the New Era". It will bring 33 related units to the exhibition, with an exhibition area of ​​nearly 500 square meters and 119 exhibits (items), including AG930. 19 emergency rescue products, including high-efficiency aircraft, Xinzhou fire-fighting aircraft, Pterosaur-2H weather-type UAV, large-load multi-rotor UAV JC-M70H, and medical transshipment cabin were exhibited for the first time.

  The aviation industry booth is composed of the main exhibition area and seven sub-exhibition areas. It fully demonstrates that the aviation industry helps customers in the emergency management industry to form a full industry chain and full value chain covering mainframe equipment, command networking, mission systems, operation guarantees, and financial services. Overall solution.

Among them, the main exhibition area highlights the emergency rescue scenes, including the mission requirements of three core scenes: forest fire fighting, disaster rescue and medical transport, and water rescue, focusing on the emergency rescue solution capabilities of domestic aircraft platforms.

In the forest fire protection module, the world’s largest amphibious amphibious aircraft Kunlong AG600 led by the world’s largest amphibious aircraft under development, Xinzhou firefighting aircraft, Pterosaur 2H weather-type UAV, Xuange 500H, AC311A and AC313 helicopters, etc. have appeared in succession, showing the aviation industry Emergency rescue capabilities in the field of forest fire protection; in the disaster rescue and medical rescue module, through sand table interpretation, the scene reproduces the scene of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The domestic large transport aircraft 20 was in danger and was ordered to assist Wuhan, and repeatedly executed domestic and foreign emergency medical personnel and medical supplies. The transfer mission, together with the AC352 helicopter, the Yun-12F and the Yun-5B unmanned type, demonstrated the mission of “deliverable and reliable” at the critical moment of the Great Power Heavy Equipment.

  The sub-exhibition area focuses on displaying emergency rescue system equipment and service capabilities, covering seven modules including command networking, search and monitoring, rescue execution and personnel protection, emergency communications, aviation rescue training and evaluation, special rescue equipment, and operation and leasing services.

  The aviation industry said that during the expo, large-scale amphibious aircraft Kunlong AG600, AC352 and other domestically-made new aviation emergency equipment will sign an order agreement. At the same time, the aviation industry will actively use the exhibition exchange platform to attend and host the Yangtze River Delta International Emergency Expo Keynote Summit Forum, the Yangtze River Delta Water Emergency Rescue Main Forum, the Yangtze River Delta Aviation Emergency Rescue Industry Development Forum and other activities, through a series of high-level dialogues, academic exchanges, etc. , To accelerate the implementation of key projects. (Finish)