China News Agency, Hangzhou, May 6th (Qian Chenfei) Observing this year’s “May 1st” holiday in China, a distinctive feature is worthy of attention—people’s holiday trips are no longer limited to the past “walking horses and flowers”, and are truly integrated into nature. "Playing" and "moving" have become a new choice.

Tourists' new choices and new ways of playing are also windows to observe new trends in China's tourism consumption.

  "This year's May Day holiday, I took tourists from all over the world to hike and ride on the Mogan Mountain every day to integrate into nature." Xia Yusen said that going outdoors and enjoying sports is loved by more and more families and teams. This has also become his new career direction.

  38-year-old Xia Yusen is an outdoor sports enthusiast. He was attracted by the sports atmosphere of Mogan Mountain in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. He moved his family from Shanghai to settle at the foot of Mogan Mountain and started a business. He opened a homestay with sports elements and initiated the establishment. Moganshan Sports League.

  "Mount Mogan is a rare mountain area that is closest to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai and other developed regions. It is a place where mountain culture can be developed. Taking advantage of the good mountains and rivers here, I take everyone to experience hiking, mountain biking, and camping every day. It also carries out sports such as longboard downhill. I believe it can drive more and more local people or tourists to move and have fun, and make the atmosphere of life in the mountains sunnier and healthier." Xia Yusen said.

  Mount Mogan is located in the west of the Hangjiahu Plain. Although the highest peak is only 700 meters above sea level, the rolling tea gardens and the vast bamboo sea make people feel like they are in a painting.

With the participation of outdoor sports enthusiasts like Xia Yusen, Mogan Mountain has become a "combination of dynamic and static", and sports are becoming an important starting point for the local revitalization of the countryside.

  "During the May Day holiday, our business was very hot, and many parents brought their children to experience cycling and camping." The Jiuqi International Cycling Camp, which opened in Moganshan in 2017, ushered in the most popular this year. During the prosperous period, Zhuo Huiqing, the head of the camp, said that under the background of normalized epidemic prevention and control, more and more people are willing to go outdoors and keep fit. In the past year alone, there were more than 20,000 visitors in the camp.

  "All of our cycling tracks are scattered across the bamboo sea, and children can get in touch with nature. The former Mogan Mountain was a'static' scenery, but now it is moving and romantic." Zhuo Hui Qing said that as the summer vacation is approaching, the camp has successively received orders for the youth summer camp, and the orders have been scheduled to the end of August.

  Moganshan's "vibrancy" is also the epitome of the boom in outdoor sports in China.

  In Yuhang, Hangzhou, during the long vacation, the first stop of the 2021 Zhejiang Outdoor Sports Carnival will be here. Eight sports events such as RV camping, Frisbee competition, and parent-child orienteering will take turns to let tourists experience the joy and passion of outdoor sports.

  During the holiday, Hunan Province's National Fitness Orienteering Activity-the 2nd Bella Town Red Orienteering Race was launched in the local Guangming Daguanyuan Bella Town. Tourists challenge themselves in cross-country sports.

  In addition, the first Yangtze River Delta Outdoor Sports Festival in 2021 will also be held for the first time under the joint guidance of the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Shanghai Sports Federations, covering events such as the "Yangtze River Delta Children's Bicycle Outdoor Multiple Races"...

  According to data from Fliggy, this year’s "May 1st" holiday is determined to break the curse of "three kilograms of fat every holiday". Many young Chinese choose to challenge themselves through outdoor sports during their short and long holidays.

The number of bookings for extreme outdoor events such as desert camping, rock climbing, diving and parachuting increased by more than 200% year-on-year.

  Through the fiery performance of outdoor sports during the May Day holiday this year, it can be foreseen that the "play" and "movement" that are truly integrated into nature will become a new travel choice that caters to the enthusiasm of national fitness for a considerable period of time in the future.