Consumption does not waste food is more delicious (new economic orientation)

  During the May 1st holiday, catering consumption is booming.

China UnionPay data shows that the consumption of the catering industry in the 4 days before the holiday has increased by more than 30% year-on-year.

  Food is the priority for the people, and the accelerated recovery of catering consumption reflects the surging momentum of my country's consumer market. The new characteristics of catering consumption reflect the important direction of my country's consumption upgrade.

  Enjoy delicious and save

  Dozens of restaurants, large and small, gather on Xingfu Road in Xiangfang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang. This is a place where many neighbors, relatives and friends often gather.

During the "May Day" holiday, the whole street became lively as soon as the meal arrived.

"A large family wanted to have a meal together during the holiday, but the private rooms were booked out. We had to eat in the lobby, but we had a good time. I didn't expect the small holiday restaurant to have such a good business." said Zhang Fen, a Harbin citizen.

  "This year is different from last year. The usual passenger flow has picked up a lot. Sales during the Qingming Festival have almost doubled. More than half a month before the May Day holiday, the prime time dining rooms were booked out." A Northeastern restaurant is in charge. Jin Hewen said.

  In addition to putting up "May 1st" promotional posters at the entrances of some businesses, recruitment information is also hung up.

Jin Hewen said: "The recovery of catering has caused a shortage of labor in some restaurants. We have also temporarily hired a few hourly workers to ease the shortage of manpower."

  Looking at the whole country, many merchants are eager to seize the opportunity of catering consumption during the "May 1st" holiday.

The "Chinese Gourmet Club" event was launched in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, focusing on 31 local special catering activities; Beijing COFCO Xiangyun Town selected some flavor catering brands to extend their business until 3 am; Chengdu Joy City in Sichuan organized more than ten catering companies Launched the "50 Regiments 100" campaign.

  Han Ming, President of the China Hotel Association, said: “Since the beginning of this year, the catering market has shown an accelerated recovery trend. In March, catering consumption has improved significantly. The national catering revenue has increased by an average of 0.9% in two years. The level before the epidemic."

  While the recovery of catering consumption is accelerating, the anti-catering waste also has a new look.

On April 29, the Anti-Food Waste Law was passed at the 28th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress and came into effect on the day of promulgation.

It standardizes the definition of food waste, and proposes that catering service operators can charge consumers who cause obvious waste to dispose of food waste. At the same time, it also clarifies that catering service operators induce and mislead consumers to order excessive meals and cause obvious waste. Yes, the maximum fine is 10,000 yuan.

  "Please take less frequently. The restaurant will charge extra for meals if you have more than 50 grams left." At a cafeteria in Chaoyang District, Beijing, the waiter Chen Kai reminded consumers to do this before each table opened.

"We have responded to the national'CD Action' call and have reminded consumers to avoid waste before meals since it opened in 2019. The passenger flow during the'May 1'holiday was higher than usual, but the food waste during meal reception has not changed significantly. I saw some family dinners. Parents would tell the children that "everything is hard" and remind the children to take as much as they want."

  “Enjoying delicious food and practicing economy are not contradictory.” Han Ming said: “The passage of the Anti-Food Waste Law will help to prevent food waste. During the May 1st holiday, many catering companies introduced small portions of dishes and other catering methods. Better than before."

  Taste gourmet experience culture

  In the Enyang District of Bazhong, Sichuan, there is a slogan: "Pin chicken and fish buckle crispy tuo, kelp cold vegetable shrimp and rice soup", it is the most representative traditional banquet dishes in northeastern Sichuan-ten bowls.

During the "May 1st" holiday, the opening of the flagship store in Enyang's Ten Bowls became a highlight of the local scenic spots, attracting many tourists to come for a feast.

  According to reports, the top ten bowls of Enyang include "Yipin (bowl), two chicken, three fish, four buttons (meat), five crisp (meat), Liuqi (fried steamed meat), Qituo (zirou), eight seaweed, nine Cold dishes, ten shrimp and rice soup", through traditional cooking techniques, the authentic flavor of local ingredients is brought to the extreme.

  "Sichuan is easy in Bashu. Here, you can not only taste food and experience culture, but also buy our carefully crafted gift sets and fast food sets, making the ten bowls a homesickness to take away." Enyang Ancient Town Scenic Area The relevant person in charge told reporters that this year's scenic spot is the main food brand, and the monthly visitor volume is close to twice that of the same period last year. The "May 1st" holiday is a small peak of tourists.

The large-scale sitcom "Enyang Ship Talk" built around the ancient town recreated the life in the dock station of the past "water wharf, playhouse, tea house, and dining hall". More than 120 performances were held during the holidays and more than 300,000 people watched the performances. Person times.

  Zhou Ning, full-time deputy secretary-general of the Sichuan Cuisine Association, introduced that looking for delicious food has long been a major purpose of traveling to Sichuan.

In March, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce launched activities to excavate, display, and select the most representative special dishes and local snacks, attracting tourists from all over the country to visit the birthplace of delicious food.

Taking Chengdu as an example, 23 districts, cities and counties selected nearly 300 Chengdu representative dishes, and finally selected 100 dishes. Tourists can “find the picture” and eat along the food map corresponding to the representative dishes.

According to reports, during the May 1st holiday this year, Sichuan’s cultural tourism revenue has doubled compared to last year.

  On April 27th, Sun E, who lives in Qingpu, Shanghai, got up early and went to Suzhou, Jiangsu Province to participate in the activity of "Ask a'Benefit', a Taihu Gourmet Self-driving Tour of Shanghai, Suzhou, and 100 Car Friends".

After an hour's drive, he arrived at the Taihu International Conference Center in Taihu National Tourism Resort, where 20 Suzhou characteristic markets were gathered on the spot.

Su'an Changzhen Zongzi, Laoqing Taiwu rice, all kinds of creative pastries and pickles... "I didn't expect Suzhou cuisine to be so delicious." Sun E tasted the freshly baked Su-style dim sum socks and said, "'May 1' During the holidays, I will take my family to Suzhou to have fun, come to Taihu Lake for leisure, and taste the delicious food of Suzhou."

  "This is the pre-heating event of Suzhou's'Five-five Shopping Festival', which can give full play to the interaction between catering and the city of Shanghai and Suzhou, so that catering consumption and cultural, sports and tourism can promote each other." Sun Jianjiang, director of the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced, May 1 On May 5th, the "Five-five Shopping Festival" was officially launched, spurring more than 120 food and beverage activities in the city.

While admiring the spring scenery in the south of the Yangtze River, tourists can also feel the beauty of Subang's delicacies.

It is expected that Suzhou's food and beverage consumption during the May 1st holiday this year will increase by more than 5% year-on-year.

  Delicious online and offline

  During the "May Day" holiday, I spent a whole day playing. I want to eat something good and I want to go back to the hotel to rest. Can I have both?

  "I started ordering takeaways when I came out of the scenic spot, and when I returned to the hotel, the takeaways arrived. I can taste the classic dishes of the local Internet celebrity restaurants without having to wait in line at the scene. It's just lie and win at the hotel." To Nanjing The visiting Beijing citizen Zhao Yali arranged the family's outing properly, "Take the elderly and children out to play, don't be too tired. We live near the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, go out to visit the scenic spots, come back to order takeaway, it is quite convenient. "

  In the past two days, "'May Day' hotel takeaway orders doubled" on the hot search, netizens have coined a new term "Lie Eat Travel".

The food delivery platform report shows that the volume of food delivery in the "May 1st" hotel has increased by more than 2 times year-on-year, which is more than Qingming.

Among them, the demand for breakfast and late-night snacks from hotels has increased the most. Tourists love to order breakfasts such as coffee, porridge, and pan-fried, as well as special dishes, barbecues, and snail noodles.

  The "May Day" consumption report released by shows that the volume of takeaway orders in the first three days of May 1st this year has increased significantly year-on-year, becoming the highest in the past five years.

Among them, especially in areas such as hotels and scenic spots, the demand for food delivery has doubled.

The popularity of scenic spots and country houses in many counties and cities has skyrocketed, and the take-out of farm dishes has increased by 11 times.

  What should I do if I don't want to go out during the holidays?

Turn on the mobile phone, the Suzhou Museum, Hanshan Temple, Lingyanshan Temple and other food cultural and creative gift boxes, wrapped in exquisite Soviet-style pastries, can be delivered home when you place an order.

During the "May 1st" holiday, the time-honored Qianshengyuan Su-style pastry shop combined Jiangnan culture and cooperated with Suzhou's well-known IP in food culture and creation, and used online and offline sales methods to meet consumer needs to the greatest extent.

Xinmeihua Group has also linked online and offline, and cooperated with mobile apps to launch activities such as buying roast duck for 19.9 yuan. "Last year's May Day holiday turnover was 6.8 million yuan, and this year is expected to increase by more than 10% year-on-year." said Yang Xiaofeng, the person in charge. .

  In addition, the city of Suzhou has joined forces with Internet platforms such as Bilibili and Douyin, as well as Shanghai-Suzhou radio and television resources, to promote catering companies participating in the "Five-five Shopping Festival".

Consumers can know the recipes of Subang dishes and the historical stories behind them through their mobile phones. It is delicious and beautiful.

"Online lists and offline Internet celebrity IP are interrelated, which can stimulate the vitality of the catering market and expand the scale of catering consumption." Sun Jianjiang said.