China News Service, Haikou, May 6 (Kangming Lefu Taisheng Yang Gang Wang Chunhao) This year’s May 1st holiday, the duty-free shopping market on Hainan’s outlying islands continues to be hot.

Haikou Customs announced on the 6th that from May 1 to May 5, Haikou Customs supervised a total of 993 million yuan in duty-free shopping on outlying islands, with 121,000 shoppers and 1.345 million items, an increase of 248%, 141% and respectively. 229%.

  It is understood that a series of promotional activities have recently been launched in Hainan’s outlying island duty-free shops to "add firewood and pay" to the report card of duty-free shopping on outlying islands during the May 1st holiday this year.

According to the person in charge of the operation of China Service Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Park, during the "May 1st" period, the company worked hard to shorten the time of entering the store for internationally renowned brands, and launched a series of preferential activities such as 5 times points for fragranced products and on-site lottery draws, which made it easy to reach the store. Passengers choose their favorite duty-free items.

  "During the'May Day' period, the number of shoppers increased sharply. We introduced new discount measures, stocked up in advance to increase the inventory of hot-selling duty-free goods, and at the same time, we did a good job of training staff, improving service quality, and guiding and diverting consumers' purchase orders through handheld POS terminals. We have made every effort to protect the customer's shopping experience." said Ms. Sun, the manager of a hot-selling brand cosmetics store at CDF Sanya International Duty Free Shop.

  In July last year, Hainan’s outlying island tax-free policy was formally implemented, and the tax-free shopping quota for outlying islands was increased from 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.

In February of this year, two ways of picking up goods were added, namely "mail delivery" for outlying island passengers and "return to island pick-up" by residents on the island, which became an important factor in attracting tax-free consumption on outlying islands in Hainan.

  “This time, Hainan’s outlying islands’ duty-free shopping activities are very vigorous, especially cosmetics. Compared to other places or online, they are more cost-effective. Many popular brands are still in stock. I took advantage of this time I left the island to stock up for half a year. , And handle the'return to island pick up' delivery, no longer have to carry large bags and small bags to travel." said Ms. Xu, who was on vacation out of the island on May 1st.

  Haikou Customs introduced that during the "May 1st" holiday, Haikou Customs strengthened supervision and services, strictly prevented the risk of "purchasing purchases", and guaranteed the smooth implementation of the outlying island tax exemption policy.

Through appointments for customs clearance and special personnel on duty, we ensure that the duty-free supervision business of outlying islands is readily available, and we will spare no effort to ensure that popular duty-free goods are on the shelves in a timely manner, serve the smooth operation of duty-free shops in outlying islands, and ensure that the dividends of the outlying island tax-free policy are fully released.

  In response to the continuous development and growth of the outlying island duty-free industry and the continuous improvement of customs supervision requirements, Haikou Customs optimizes the supervision process, sorts out the key points of supervision, continuously absorbs mature experience and practices, enriches and perfects scientific and technological supervision methods, plays the leading role of video surveillance and command, and implements "Technology + “Supervision” will improve the efficiency of customs clearance while effectively supervising.

  "With the help of scientific and technological supervision methods, the implementation of precise supervision and rapid response to the key links of duty-free supervision has not only effectively improved the efficiency of customs supervision, but also greatly reduced the operating costs of enterprises. During the entire holiday period, the circulation and supply of popular commodities in 4 duty-free shops in Sanya Efficient and orderly, and passengers shopping smoothly.” said Sun Qingdi, a customs officer of the Duty Free Supervision Section of Sanya Customs under Haikou Customs.

  The first China International Consumer Goods Fair will be held soon. In order to cope with the possible peak of duty-free shopping on outlying islands, Haikou Customs will continue to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, strengthen the promotion of outlying islands’ duty-free policies, strengthen supervision and services, and further enhance the shopping experience of customers, and guarantee duty-free islands The policy was implemented steadily.