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Two officials: "Expo 2020" is a new chapter in Dubai's success story

  • The new Dubai Exhibition Center will be a distinctive destination during the international event and in the legacy stage.

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The Minister of State for International Cooperation, the Director General of "Expo 2020 Dubai", Reem Al Hashimi, the Director General of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, the Director General of the Dubai World Trade Center Authority and a member of the Supreme Committee of "Expo 2020", Hilal Saeed Al-Marri, confirmed that The international Expo 2020 Dubai, which is coming in a few months, will become a new chapter in the process of success in Dubai, and a global experience that will highlight the confidence of the emirate, its safety and openness to all visitors, and strengthen the leisure and business tourism sectors, which are already booming.

In the context of the conversation after the meeting of international participants, which was held over the course of two days, and welcomed representatives of 173 countries participating in Expo 2020, which numbered more than 190 countries, both Reem Al Hashemi and Hilal Saeed Al Marri praised Dubai's confidence and vision, as well as its firm commitment to hosting The next International Expo, in light of the close cooperation between Expo 2020 and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, to present an international event that will dazzle and inspire its visitors from around the world, pointing to the success of the meeting, which was personally attended by more than 370 delegates in preparation for the opening of Expo 2020 in October. Next.

Reem Al Hashimi said: “Since the planning stages, we have worked hand in hand with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to achieve an Expo that attracts visitors from all over the world, and Dubai and the entire UAE are proud of it. In light of the changing features of the world, we have also adapted, and thanks to our cooperation with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, we have achieved an international expo that will spread happiness and inspiration among explorers, entrepreneurs, children, adults, transient tourists, and curious fans who want to test the future, now » .

For his part, Hilal Al Marri said: “From the beginning, Dubai embodied what success means despite the difficulties, as it rose with pride and determination to become an economic engine and a vital center for travelers from all over the world.

Setting new standards is rooted in our core, and to this end, we see (Expo 2020 Dubai) a turning point for the world given what we are all in today.

He added: “No one would have expected how the (Covid-19) pandemic will change our reality once and for all. However, Dubai and (Expo 2020), like the rest of the world, paused a little to think and contemplate, with the high spirits and optimism we had brought upon it to overcome the unprecedented challenges with perseverance. We are back stronger than we were once. ”

With a phased re-opening, Dubai re-welcomed tourists in July 2020, as the emirate organized its first events in which people are allowed to attend in person, after the ban period, and since then it has remained open to the world, enhancing its role as a travel hub for both work and leisure.

Al-Marri added: “Dubai has succeeded in spreading its economic openness in stages, giving priority to safety in light of limiting the consequences of the current pandemic, an approach that makes us ready to lead recovery in the post-pandemic phase. As a thriving tourism destination and global hub for the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions sector, we look forward to welcoming more international business and leisure travelers to Dubai over the coming months. ”

He said: “In (Expo 2020 Dubai), the new Dubai Exhibition Center, which hosted at its opening the last meeting of international participants in (Expo), will be a distinctive destination during the international event and in the legacy phase, providing unprecedented access to a global audience and unrepeatable opportunities. To build communication networks, in a way that stimulates industry, business and markets, and drives economic growth in the United Arab Emirates, our region, and the world. Within the framework of Dubai's future-oriented strategies, Expo 2020 Dubai will stimulate the thriving tourism and events sectors in the region, while the Dubai Exhibition Center, which is a sophisticated, multi-purpose center, extending over an area of ​​45,000 square meters, and has already booked 80% of Madar International event has played a pivotal role in attracting local and international travelers and businessmen.

The center will be a prominent symbol of Expo's long-term legacy in terms of business and tourism, and it is one of the permanent constructions that will remain after the conclusion of Expo 2020, to be part of the "District 2020", the new urban innovation system and the model global future community.

The 50th anniversary of the founding of the Emirates

Expo 2020 will be held from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates, and highlights the country's role as a global forum for individuals, ideas and innovations.

The international event invites visitors from all over the world to contribute to creating a new world, while exploring innovations that change our reality and have a meaningful positive impact on both people and our planet.


emirate has succeeded in spreading its economic openness in stages, giving priority to safety and reducing the consequences of the pandemic.

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