[Explanation] Qian Jinnai, chairman of Dehui Real Estate Group, has worked hard in Xinjiang for more than 30 years.

In 2012, Dehui Real Estate Group established 8 major professional markets covering 500,000 square meters in Central and Western Asia and Russia in the two core business districts of Urumqi Dehui International Clothing City and Locomotive Children’s World, with an annual transaction volume of more than 10 billion yuan. (RMB, the same below).

In 2020, Qian Jinnai began to boldly transform and upgrade, integrating shopping malls and cultural tourism projects, and passenger flow has been greatly increased.

  [Concurrent] Qian Jinnai, Chairman of Dehui Real Estate Group

  Then these projects are all cultural tourism projects. It is reasonable to say that cultural tourism projects and department stores do not connect with your shopping center. So we transform and upgrade this kind of wholesale market, and then add shopping centers. Plus retail, plus cultural tourism.

So we are called a large-scale commercial complex of business, tourism, and cultural innovation, so we pinch the four irrelevant ones together, and it will become successful, so my passenger flow reached 21 million last year.

  [Explanation] It is precisely because of Qian Jinnai's bold innovation and transformation that the Urumqi project has received very good social effects and responses from citizens and tourists.

And behind these successful projects is closely related to his own keen insight and integrity management.

As early as 2008, Dehui Group's wholesale market in Urumqi was swallowed up by a fire. At that time, Qian Jinnai decisively sold the stocks and shares of enterprises in Hangzhou and Shanghai, and allocated 1.1 billion yuan to help 3,096 merchants reopen their doors for business.

  [Concurrent] Qian Jinnai, Chairman of Dehui Real Estate Group

  When encountering extreme difficulties, he would sell his Hangzhou stocks, and sell his land shares in Shanghai to help 3,096 merchants.

In fact, this has something to do with our corporate culture. When those merchants are good, (Dehui) will naturally be fine. If these more than 3,000 families do not have your Dehui, it is impossible to have today, so we first treat him ( Merchant) Okay, he (merchant) will help Dehui again, and then do hello, me, everyone.

  [Explanation] After this catastrophe, Qian Jinnai is even more convinced that doing business not only requires honest management and teamwork, but also advances with the times and boldly innovates.

Inspired by the impact of the epidemic in 2020, he began to use a combination of online and offline methods to sell Xinjiang fruits to the hands of Shanghai residents, as a "porter" for Xinjiang's tens of millions of acres of orchards, and creating an Internet platform for tens of billions of industries.

This move is well received by everyone.

  [Concurrent] Shanghai Citizen Yang Yang

  It is the Aksu (fruit) in Xinjiang that is particularly famous, and the sunshine time there is relatively long, so there are such delicious apples.

Because now, it’s not bad to be honest, just eat the most delicious fruits.

  [Concurrent] Chen Zheng, general manager of marketing

  Our advantage lies in the fact that we Dehui has a logistics park in Urumqi. The entire throughput accounts for more than 50% of our entire Xinjiang. At the same time, we also have our own air freight in the summer, so that it can be on the same day. The orchard collects, and the user's table can be reached the next day.

  [Explanation] In addition, under the leadership of Qian Jinnai, Dehui Group has determined its positioning and continued to innovate and develop. This year, it has invested 300 million yuan to build a "good castle" project, which brings together the food, drink and fun of citizens and tourists. , Combined with Dehui’s zoo, Mercure France and other business formats, strive to create a new business card for Xinjiang.

  [Concurrent] Qian Jinnai, Chairman of Dehui Real Estate Group

  The sustainable development of the future should be good. Private enterprises are very difficult. If you don’t innovate and wait for death, if you fail to innovate and create, you will die. Therefore, we are now able to come out after eight or nine years of hard work. We will be a "flying orchard". Leap over Xinjiang".

Because a tourist arrives in Urumqi, it is difficult for him to travel the Tianshan Mountains at once.

Now, our entire orchards in northern and southern Xinjiang use the latest generation of this technology at one time. I will show it and let you watch the entire Tianshan Mountains in 25 minutes, so that tourists from other places will come to Xinjiang and take this "good thing". "Castle" and "Flying over the orchard and flying over Xinjiang" have turned it into a new business card for Xinjiang tourism, so we are now going to invest 300 million yuan to do such a thing.

  Reporting from Shanghai by Zhang Jian, Ji Jiangtong

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]