The value of the Munich engine manufacturer is currently quoted at EUR 203.50, whereas the closing price the day before was EUR 200.80.

For MTU Aero Engines things are looking up after a few bad days, and it remains to be seen whether there will be any further upward movement in this share.

With 15th place and an increase of 1.34%, MTU Aero Engines is now in the middle third of the Dax, which is up 1.36 percent overall.

The share currently has a trading volume of 49,244 traded shares.

A total of 185,097 securities were traded on the previous trading day.


The share is currently 7.31 percent below its 52-week high, which was EUR 219.56.

The 52-week low was € 111.64.

All freely tradable MTU Aero Engines shares are currently valued at 10.83 billion euros.

This means that the company's free float market capitalization is taken into account with a 0.73% weighting in the index formation.

SAP, Volkswagen and Linde have the most weight (free float market capitalization) in the Dax.

In the financial year that ended for MTU Aero Engines AG on December 31, 2018, sales of 4.57 billion euros and a profit of 0.62 billion euros were posted.

Data: EOD Historical Data / As of: Wednesday, May 5th, 2021, 11:55 a.m.

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