Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, May 4th,

title: "Post-80s" e-commerce anchor Wei Ya: I believe in sweat and tears on the run

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Wei Donghua and Zheng Mengyu

  More than 300 live broadcasts a year, more than 1,200 hours; in the past 4 years to help poor households sell more than 500 million yuan of products; public welfare to bring goods, sold more than 20 million Xinjiang cotton products in just one hour...

  Item by item broke the record of the traditional sales model and pushed the "post-80s" e-commerce anchor Wei Ya into the spotlight.

"Queen of Carrying Goods", "King of Traffic"... Among many labels, this girl who came out of a small southern town is more willing to say that she is a "grassroots struggle against attack".

"I feel like a clockwork"

  Her left leg was wrapped in a bandage, resting on a chair, holding documents in her left hand, and a bunch of people hugging her materials... This is the normal work of Wei Ya after her knee was operated on.

  She posted this photo of her work on Weibo, saying "Youth is for fighting!"

  "Commissioner of the All-China Youth Federation", "National March 8th Red Flag Bearer in the Fight against the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic", "2020 National Poverty Alleviation Award Dedication Award", "2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Publicity Ambassador", "Hangzhou Anti-fraud Publicity Ambassador"...all honors Afterwards, Wei Ya said that she seemed to be wounded and couldn't stop for a moment.

  "I just had knee surgery in March. The doctor asked to stay in bed, but the selection and meeting were not suspended. On the 4th day after the operation, I couldn't help but resume the live broadcast." Wei Ya said, although there was still a bandage on her leg. , But the 4-hour live broadcast passed in the blink of an eye.

  In the eyes of colleagues, Via is like a "perpetual motion machine."

She is the busiest person in the entire company, and her itinerary is divided by the hour and filled with various activities.

"She never needs to give motivational speeches to motivate employees, and her dedication is reflected in her own practice." Vice-broadcast Qier, who has been following Wei Ya, told reporters.

  In 2020, the public welfare project "Weiya Charm China Tour" will travel through 20 cities in Hubei, Shaanxi, Guizhou and other places to help fight poverty.

During the epidemic, Wei Ya held multiple live broadcasts to help Hubei resume work and production, and cumulatively guided the transaction amount to exceed 252 million yuan.

  "I was born in an ordinary family, I believe more in sweat and tears in running, I believe that only by hard work can you see more scenery, I believe in the power of gathering sand into a tower behind time." Wei Ya said.

Public welfare poverty alleviation in the live broadcast room

  Wei Ya's live broadcast room not only has a dazzling array of products, but also the warmth of charity and poverty alleviation.

  In 2016, helping the disaster-stricken farmers in Xianju, Taizhou sell bayberry, was the first time Weiya had contact with the live broadcast of poverty alleviation and assistance to farmers.

Three years later, she has explored a complete set of e-commerce experience for local products in poverty-stricken areas, and "moved" more and more agricultural products into the live broadcast room.

  Pears produced in Dangshan County, Anhui Province, Wei Ya and her team found that there was a problem with logistics when selling pears directly.

There is a local method for making pear paste, which can be sold all year round.

However, there is no uniform standard for making pear paste.

Wei Ya found the county magistrate, hoping to have a brand, rather than relying on how much money a live broadcast sold.

The county magistrate immediately called on local companies to set up an industrial park, and the brand was built within two months.

Now this pear paste has become a "net celebrity", and it can be sold as the top five of similar products even in the Wei Ya live broadcast room.

  Embroidery ladies in Qinghai have rekindled their confidence in traditional intangible cultural heritage embroidery because of Wei Ya’s live broadcast of the goods, and devoted themselves to researching new products that cater to the market; the "persimmons with walnuts" piled up in the cold storage of farmers in Fuping, Shaanxi, because Wei Ya helped Not only did the unsalable sales become popular, but also the e-commerce team was formed, and the industrialization and standardization of products are getting better and better...

  "What I want to achieve is'blood-making' poverty alleviation." Wei Ya said that charity assistance to farmers is not only to help them sell products, but to bring the standards of e-commerce live broadcast to the countryside, help them build and upgrade the industrial chain, and build agricultural products. To become a competitive product, let consumers know these good products hidden in the countryside.

  Up to now, Wei Ya's public welfare and poverty alleviation live broadcast has traveled through Yunnan, Anhui, Qinghai and other places.

Last year, she was awarded the "2020 National Poverty Alleviation Award Dedication Award".

Don't set limits on your life

  Via the small mobile phone screen in the live broadcast room, Wei Ya felt the infinite possibilities of e-commerce live broadcast.

  "Last year, because of the epidemic, many people were isolated at home. They opened live chats and some fans left a message saying that they felt smoke and fire in my live broadcast room." Wei Ya said.

  On World Autism Day, she speaks for autistic groups through live broadcasts and helps them integrate into society better.

She also invited public security anti-fraud experts into the live broadcast room, hoping to improve everyone's anti-fraud awareness...

  In July 2020, a batch of new professions were released, and "Internet Marketing Engineer" became the official professional title.

Wei Ya said that I have been constantly exploring and trying to make more people see the power of e-commerce live broadcasts.

  "Youth should dare to try and embrace new things with an open mind. Success or failure is the nourishment of life." Wei Ya also continued to innovate in her live broadcast room:

  The first attempt to sell rocket launch services, to do aerospace knowledge popularization; the first time to combine movie promotion and live broadcast to help the recovery of the film and television industry; the first time to "move" a fashion T station into the live broadcast room to promote the development of China's original design ; It is the first time to bring consumers in the live broadcast room "Cloud Shopping Expo"...

  "I walked out of a small town in Anhui,'Beipiao' has opened a clothing store, signed a record company, and opened a Taobao store. Until now, I have become a familiar e-commerce anchor." Wei Ya said that she has done many attempts and Change has also experienced failure, but she believes that life is used to change, and never set limits on herself.