China News Service, Urumqi, May 3 (Reporter Yan Wenlu Qi Yaping) On the construction site, vehicles were shuttled back and forth, the sound of the machine was rumbling, and buildings had been erected from the ground.

Walking into the Dabanshan Industrial Park, which is about 15 kilometers south of Tumushuk City, the Third Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, is a busy scene.

  Who would have thought that in the past few years, there were still sandbags all over the place, off the beaten track.

Rising Industrial Park in the Desert

  The Dabanshan Industrial Park has a planned area of ​​42.55 square kilometers and is located on the edge of the Taklimakan Desert, under the Tumushuk Economic and Technological Development Zone.

In 2020, 20 enterprises with a total investment of more than 7.3 billion yuan will settle here. Textiles, garments, machinery manufacturing and other industries are booming, becoming a new growth point for the economic development of the third division Tumshuk City, driving a large number of people to find employment.

  "This is a vivid portrayal of demanding land, resources, and benefits from the desert. Modern industrial parks have emerged on the desert." Li Wanzheng, Director of the Management Committee of the Tumushuke Economic and Technological Development Zone, introduced that Dabanshan Industrial Park focuses on the development of textiles and garments, Machinery manufacturing, agricultural and sideline products and other industries.

  According to the design plan of building one piece together, the local government has invested 700 million yuan in the construction of basic supporting facilities for the 10 square kilometers of Dabanshan Industrial Park, erecting gas pipelines, diverting water, and planting trees.

  Li Wanzheng said: "We have ensured that all the elements of the landed enterprises are in place to improve the production and living environment. We invested more than 1 million yuan to apply organic fertilizer to the existing planted trees to improve the soil. The bus line from the downtown area of ​​Tumushuke to the Banshan Industrial Park was opened. , A subsidy of 600 yuan per day."

  In order to attract large and good enterprises to settle down and put into production, the Third Division Tumshuk City has issued a number of industrial support policies to support the development of enterprises in all aspects of land, plant, equipment, employment, and transportation.

  "We do our best to build a preferential environment, provide enterprises with'nanny-style' services, and wholeheartedly help enterprises solve various problems, so that enterprises can see economic benefits as soon as possible." Li Wanzheng said.

"Desert Industrial Park" has become a hot spot for investment

  Preferential policies and a good business environment have attracted 40 domestic and foreign enterprises from Xinjiang Tangjin Textile Co., Ltd. and Tumushuk Jinhuacheng Textile (Group) Co., Ltd. to settle in Dabanshan Industrial Park, with an investment scale of over 20 billion. yuan.

  "It was a large desert at that time. The height difference between some dunes was more than 10 meters, and it took a lot of effort to level the land." said Li Feng, deputy general manager of Tangjin Textile Co., Ltd., "but the enterprise pursues maximum benefits and preferential treatment. The policy attracted us here."

  In order to make the enterprise put into production as soon as possible, the management committee of Tumushuke Economic and Technological Development Zone mobilized more than 30 forklifts and excavators. 250,000 square meters of land were leveled within one month, and factories, restaurants, and staff dormitories were quickly built. Realize the construction that year and put into production that year.

  "Inspected in May 2020, signed in June, started construction and established a training workshop in August, and started production and training in early September. There are currently more than 120 trainees. In 2020, it has achieved an output value of more than 20 million yuan and has become an industrial enterprise above designated size." Li Feng said.

  The above-mentioned hosiery project has a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, and the production scale of 10,000 hosiery machines will be achieved after the completion of the project. The annual output of medium and high-end cotton socks is 1.32 billion pairs, with an output value of 2.5 billion yuan, which directly drives tens of thousands of jobs.

Li Feng said that 4,000 hosiery equipment will be installed this year, with an output of 200 million pairs and an annual output value of 400 million yuan.

  The whole-industry production and processing supporting service project of Xinjiang local enterprise Tumshuk Jinhuacheng Textile (Group) Co., Ltd. will land in Dabanshan Industrial Park in July 2020, with an investment of more than 3.1 billion yuan.

After the project is completed, it can bring about 7,000 jobs, with an annual output value of 4.5 billion yuan, and a profit and tax of 96 million yuan.

  “It’s very suitable for business development. The business environment is good and the service is in place. The difficulties encountered by the enterprise can be solved in the first time.” Xu Jing, the deputy general manager of the company, said, “We have enjoyed many preferential policies such as land and water. , You can enjoy a construction subsidy of 800 yuan / square meter for building your own factory, and a decoration subsidy of up to 400 yuan / square meter." (End)