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friendly economic time. Today (4th) will be with reporter Kim Hye-min. Reporter Kim From last year to this year, children have had more time to play at home than outside because of Corona. But you said there are some things to be careful about when playing at home?


Tomorrow is Children's Day, but you don't want to go out of the house. However, it is said that there are times when it is not safe for children even when they are at home.

There are more and more cases where they do leisure activities or cook themselves in the house. That's why they buy a lot of electronic products and electronic devices, and these products cause children to have an accident.

Relatedly, when looking at child safety accidents that have been filed by the Consumer Agency in the last three years, nearly 400 reports were received last year, and kitchen utensils were the most common injuries. Next was beauty products and exercise products.

Of the children, preschoolers, especially children between the ages of 1 and 3, who are starting to walk, have the most accidents.

While parents are vigilant, they move around the house and touch objects, and then they suddenly have an accident.


Reporter Kim, then, what products do you usually have a lot of accidents?

<Reporter> If

children are injured by home appliances or supplies, it is highly likely to lead to a major accident. So this time, we will tell you in detail the products that have a lot of accidents to be careful in advance.

First of all, in the kitchen where children are hurt the most, accidents caused by electric rice cookers and water purifiers are nearly half.

Electric rice cookers and elementary school students were most often injured by water purifiers as they were younger.

Because both are products that emit hot steam or water, so most of the time children get injured in the kitchen, they get burned.

Children react more slowly than adults and their skin tissues are fragile, so burns can lead to serious injuries.

It's a natural story, but this doesn't work well. Heat-transfer products must be kept out of the reach of children, and the power plug must be unplugged after use.

Hot products are dangerous for children, so you have to do this often.


And beauty equipment, there are a lot of these at home too. You said there are a lot of accidents here?


There are a lot of beauty tools that are more dangerous than you think. Very young children were most often dying with hot irons and dryers. The most dangerous thing for kindergarten and elementary school students was surprisingly cotton swabs.

He used a cotton swab to poke his ear or swallow it, but don't put these small objects around children. Please refrain from using it in front of children as it may imitate it.

Besides that, there were a lot of accidents with eyebrow knives and nail clippers. Parents should pay attention to storage of these products as well.


If you look at it, things like hot and sharp things seem dangerous, but it's a little bit new that cotton swabs are also dangerous. And lately, I do a lot of exercise at home. You said it was Holmt, but you said that such exercise equipment is also dangerous to children?

<Reporter> It's

abbreviated as Home Training and Holm.

Because it is difficult to exercise outside due to Corona 19, there are probably many people who bought exercise equipment or exercise equipment in the house.

So, the safety accidents of children related to this are also increasing. For very young children, dumbbells were the most dangerous thing.

The larger the child, the more accidents caused by indoor cycling. There were quite a few cases of injuries to treadmills and gym balls.

And in these home training products, the skin was torn or bruised in most cases.

Immediately after purchasing exercise equipment, you should check for any loose or sharp parts. It must be installed on a level surface so that it does not slip and hit children.

It is best to keep equipment such as dumbbells out of reach of children. Finally, keep out of reach of children when exercising.