China News Service, Taiyuan, May 3 (Liu Xiaohong) A reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on the 3rd that during the May 1st holiday, all parts of Shanxi formulated emergency plans, promptly released traffic and weather reminders, and optimized the setting of scenic tours. Routes, improve the ticket reservation system, and carry out special inspections in scenic spots and rural tourism to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the cultural tourism market.

  On May 2, data from the tourism big data platform of Shanxi Mobile showed that as of 14:00 on that day, the number of tourists in the 60 scenic spots, scenic spots and surrounding areas that were monitored by the mobile company's data was 265,400, according to comparables. The caliber increased by 119.03% year-on-year.

  In order to promote the epidemic prevention and control of the cultural and tourism industry and the safe development of the cultural and tourism market, cultural and tourism departments at all levels in Shanxi Province attach importance to the prevention and control of epidemics during the holidays, the investigation of potential safety hazards, and the order of market operations. The Department of Cultural and Tourism of Shanxi Province dispatched 11 supervisory teams to 11 The prefectures and cities will focus on the implementation of the deployment of epidemic prevention and control, prevention and control measures, emergency plans, and production safety in the cultural and tourism market.

  The Linfen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism will make overall plans for epidemic prevention and control, safe production, and maintenance of market order.

All scenic spots in Linfen have formulated emergency plans, equipped with emergency supplies, and strictly implemented measures such as appointments, code verification, temperature measurement, and wearing masks in accordance with the requirements for normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

  Datong Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism has made deployment arrangements for promoting the recovery of the cultural and tourism industry, activating consumption in the cultural and tourism market, maintaining holiday tourism safety, and improving holiday tourism environment and service levels. It has established a special inspection team to conduct special inspections in key scenic spots and rural tourism. , Timely release traffic, safety, weather and other warm reminder information services to the majority of tourists and citizens.

  Xinzhou City Culture and Tourism Bureau strengthened supervision and guidance of cultural tourism business sites, strengthened safety prevention and control training, optimized the establishment of scenic tourist routes, and received tourists on the principle of not exceeding the maximum carrying capacity. It is easy to gather people at the entrances and exits of scenic spots, important visit points, etc. The location is equipped with management personnel to strengthen the guidance of tourists, improve the ticket reservation system, guide tourists to make reservations for entering the park, and cross-peak tourism, creating an excellent tourism environment for tourists.

  As of 15:00 on May 2nd, Shanxi Province has received 10 travel complaints and 9 have been settled; no cultural tourism safety liability accidents have occurred.