For the third time during the year, the

  Guangzhou mortgage interest rate

was raised

following the rise in housing prices?

  After the increase in early April, the mortgage interest rate in the Guangzhou area rose again this month.

On April 28, branches of state-owned banks such as ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China and other state-owned banks within the jurisdiction of Guangzhou adjusted the first home loan interest rate to the lowest LPR+75BP (5.4%), and the second home loan interest rate to the lowest LPR+95BP (5.6%), which was increased by 10 from the beginning of the month BP, this is the third adjustment in Guangzhou this year and the second adjustment since this month.

  Big state-owned bank raises Guangzhou mortgage interest rate for the third time this year

  At the beginning of this month, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China raised the prices of personal mortgages in Guangzhou. The interest rate for first home loans was adjusted to the lowest LPR 65BP (5.3%) and the lowest LPR 85BP (5.5%) for second home loans.

  Intermediaries reported that some branches of major state-owned banks raised interest rates by 10 BP last week. The first set of 5.4% and the second set of 5.6% are already the mainstream interest rates of state-owned banks.

The intermediary believes that housing prices in Guangzhou have risen significantly this year, and the adjustment of interest rates and prices may curb the overheated sentiment in the market.

  Guangzhou housing loans are tight, housing prices are also rising

  In addition to interest rates, home buyers also worry about lending time.

According to the feedback from all parties, the current mortgage quota in Guangzhou is still tight. It is lucky to be able to make loans for more than two months. Many home buyers have to wait for more than three months.

  The Guangzhou Branch of China Merchants Bank told the media that due to the impact of regulatory control, it currently maintains normal orders based on the new quota and repayment status, and the mortgage is placed in chronological order.

Customer procedures are complete, usually 3-4 months can be loaned.

  It is understood that some developers in the Guangzhou area, in order to speed up the rate of payment, have required buyers to mortgage only through the four major banks.

  The housing prices in Guangzhou have also risen along with mortgage interest rates.

On April 16, the National Bureau of Statistics released statistical data on changes in the sales prices of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities in March.

In four first-tier cities, both new and second-hand houses rose month-on-month. New and second-hand houses in Guangzhou led the country, even far behind Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, which are also first-tier cities.

  Judging from the first-hand housing data, Guangzhou's month-on-month increase reached 1%, while Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen rose 0.2%, 0.3%, and 0.1% respectively.

This is the 12th consecutive month that Guangzhou's house prices have risen month-on-month since March last year.

In terms of second-hand housing, Guangzhou rose 1.4% month-on-month, ranking first in the country with Beijing, while Shanghai and Shenzhen rose 1.1% and 0.4% respectively.

  Compared with the same period last year, the increase in housing prices in Guangzhou is even more prominent.

In terms of first-hand housing, house prices in the four major first-tier cities rose by an average of 5.2%, of which Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen increased by 3.6%, 5.3%, and 3.4% respectively, while Guangzhou’s increase was as high as 8.6%, leading the country.

In terms of second-hand housing, Guangzhou's house prices rose 11.5% year-on-year, surpassing Shanghai's 9.7% and Beijing's 9.9%, and second only to Shenzhen's 14.6%.

  Why is only the Guangzhou housing loan interest rate rising significantly?

  Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline Real Estate, told reporters from Beijing Youth Daily that among the major cities in the country, only Guangzhou has seen a significant increase in housing loan interest rates, while housing loan interest rates in other cities are basically stable.

He believes that there are two main reasons: one is that the transaction volume in Guangzhou has risen significantly, and the demand for housing loans has increased; the other is that the Guangzhou area has been relatively serious in investigating illegal funds that enter the property market, such as operating loans, and this part of the demand has also been transferred to regular housing loans. Up.

These two reasons have caused the demand for housing loans in Guangzhou to rise, leading to an upward trend in interest rates in the housing loan market.

  Text/Reporter Cheng Jie