[Commentary] Approaching the May 1st holiday, many new May 1st films are also ready to be released and will soon meet with the audience.

A few days ago, the reporter saw in a cinema in Beijing that promotional materials for the new film were everywhere in the ticket hall, and the pre-sale situation was basically the same as in the same period in 2019.

  [Concurrent] Li Xu, person in charge of Beijing Poly International Cinemas Tiananmen Store

  The pre-sale situation should be like "Your Wedding", "Secret Visitor", and "Above the Cliff" which just finished the premiere last week. These three films are considered to be relatively hot, and our relevant (film arrangement) guide Basically, it is around 15% to 20%.

"Chasing the Tiger and Catching the Dragon" and "Sweeping Black" basically belong to the second echelon, slightly lower, 10 to 12 percentage points.

The remaining few films will be screened at 5% to 10%.

As of now (April 27), the pre-sale situation of the market on May 1st has been close to 30 million. This result is basically the same as in 2019.

  [Explanation] According to statistics, a total of 12 films will be released in 2021 on May 1st, breaking the record for the number of May 1st films released in previous years.

According to the real-time data of the Beacon Professional Edition, as of 17:50 pm on April 28, the total box office of 51 new films in 2021 has exceeded 100 million.

Among them, the pre-sale of "Your Wedding" exceeded 40 million yuan temporarily, and "Above the Cliff" ranked second with over 25 million yuan.

  [Concurrent] Mu Chen, Dean of Alibaba Pictures Lighthouse Research Institute

  In terms of genre and subject matter, the audience is still provided with a very diverse choice, covering crime, suspense, action, love, comedy, and three of these cartoons are released.

Judging from the current pre-sale situation, about one-third of the users of "Your Wedding" are actually from teenagers under the age of 19, while the film "On the Cliff" has a quarter of purchases. Ticket users are from older users who are over 40 years old.

It can be seen that the entire 51st file is still very extensive in terms of the audience and age groups it attracts.

  [Explanation] The five-day holiday has given the film market a more lasting explosive force.

It is worth mentioning that "Your Wedding" and "Above the Cliff" and other films have chosen to be released.

In this regard, industry insiders said that the file release is conducive to spreading the film’s reputation in advance and attracting more attention.

  [Concurrent] Li Xu, person in charge of Beijing Poly International Cinemas Tiananmen Store

  I think it must be because the film itself is very confident, and in terms of production and content, it is more in line with the temperament of the May 1st period, and this year’s May 1st is a five-day holiday, which may affect the viewing cycle. The crowd will have more choices.

  [Concurrent] Mu Chen, Dean of Alibaba Pictures Lighthouse Research Institute

  A film like "Above the Cliff" was released a day earlier, and three rounds of relatively large-scale screenings were conducted before the screening, which also means that the film party is very confident in the reputation of this film.

It is hoped that through this method of click-on screening and early screening, we can spread word-of-mouth in advance, and at the same time seize more one day's scheduled box office.

  [Explanation] From the Spring Festival file to the Qingming file to the upcoming May 1 file, the Chinese film market has maintained a good momentum of development.

Industry insiders predict that the 51st box office in 2021 is expected to reach new highs.

  [Concurrent] Mu Chen, Dean of Alibaba Pictures Lighthouse Research Institute

  The pre-sale has achieved a very good result. It is believed that the box office of the 51st box can also break the historical box office record of the 51st box.

The Lighthouse Research Institute predicts that from May 1 to May 5 this year (2021), the overall nationwide box office will reach 1.8 billion, which is a very positive signal for the entire year's box office market.

  Reporting from Beijing by reporter Lang Jiahui

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]