Z Holdings, which owns Yahoo Japan and LINE, which merged last month, reported sales and operating income for the year to last month due to strong online shopping due to "needing demand" due to the influence of the new coronavirus. In both cases, sales and profits increased over the previous year.

And depends on the announcement, financial results for the last fiscal year 1 year of Z Holdings,

▼ sales of 1 trillion 205.8 billion yen, increased 14.5% than the previous year,

at 162.1 billion yen and operating income increasing 6.5% showing a profit of ▼ core business,

sales Profit increased.

The main reason for this is that online shopping such as the fashion mail-order site "ZOZO", which was acquired by Otoshi, was strong due to so-called nesting demand.

Z Holdings plans to hurry to sort out overlapping businesses on Yahoo and LINE and consider new services, and President Kentaro Kawabe will hold a meeting on the 28th, a new company that will oversee services such as video distribution, music, and games. Announced that it will start its business in the first half of this year.

On the other hand, LINE President Takeshi Idezawa said, "We take the administrative guidance from the Personal Information Protection Commission and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications very seriously and strive to improve and restore trust" regarding a series of problems related to the management of personal information. I apologize again.