Wei Lai responded to involvement in Tesla's rights protection incident

   did not participate in promoting any third party to participate in a brand rights protection behavior

  On April 27th, Tesla's car roof rights protection incident escalated again.

Some netizens broke the news that NIO, one of the new car-making forces, may be the driving force behind this rights defense incident.

In response, Weilai Auto responded that it has never participated in or promoted any third party to participate in a brand's rights protection activities, and has collected evidence and reported to the relevant authorities.

  On April 26, some netizens broke the news that the female Tesla car owner entered the Shanghai Auto Show Pavilion to defend her rights through the exhibitor certificate of Weilai Automobile.

On the personal social platform of rights defendant Zhang, a video showed the electronic admission pass of the Shanghai Auto Show "Media Day Pass", with Zhang’s personal information written on it, and the upper left corner of the certificate showed auto parts suppliers "Webasto", and NIO’s sunroof supplier is officially Webasto.

At the same time, on the day of the auto show, netizens judged from the interior of Zhang's car that the vehicle was a Weilai car; and netizens said that the owner was suspected to be the owner of the Model X rights defender four years ago, and is now Weilai’s owner "Seven Sister".

  That night, "Seven Sisters" responded on the Weilai App that the female car roof rights defender was not the owner and expressed sympathy for her.

Qin Lihong, the co-founder of Weilai Automobile, said in a message under his clarification: "It is so angry and funny to see such news."

  On the morning of April 27, Webasto responded to this incident and stated that Webasto provided media day passes for some media participating in the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show Media Day for normal work needs.

The one-day pass must be activated by the actual user binding information.

An investigation by the Shanghai Auto Show organizer and the public security agency confirmed that Webasto is using the media day one-day pass within the normal scope of work, and Webasto and its staff have no connection with a certain brand rights event or person.

  In this regard, Weilai Automobile also issued a statement stating that Weilai has never participated in or promoted any third party to participate in a brand's rights protection activities. Weilai has collected evidence and reported the case to relevant departments to find out the facts and protect its rights.

  Weilai stated that since April 26, Weilai users, partners and Weilai companies have suffered a large number of organized cyber rumors attacks.

Weilai user "Seven Sister" was maliciously rumored to be a party in the rights protection of a certain brand auto show. In this regard, "Seven Sister" has issued a statement to clarify.

Weilai Company expressed indignation at the malicious rumors and slander that infringed on the reputation of Weilai users, and will spare no effort to provide reasonable and legal assistance for the "Seven Sisters" to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

  Weilai's partner Webasto is a well-known auto parts company in the industry and a partner of almost all global auto companies.

In response to online rumors, Webasto has issued a statement stating: "Webasto and its staff are not related to a certain brand rights event or person." Weilai supports Webasto's statement.

  Weilai has been attacked by a large number of organized online rumors, false claims and insinuations that a certain brand rights protection incident at the Shanghai Auto Show is related to Weilai, and the relevant rumors are purely rumours.

  Text/Reporter Wang Ronghui