A survey by KB Kookmin Bank found that housing prices in Seoul decreased for three consecutive months.

Seoul's jeonse price has also slowed down for 5 consecutive months, and it is a calming atmosphere.

According to the monthly KB housing market trend data released by KB Kookmin Bank's Live Real Estate, the housing sale price in Seoul in April rose 0.74%, down from the previous month (0.96%).

The rate of increase in housing prices in Seoul fell slightly to 1.24% in December after rising to the highest level last year to 1.66% in November 2020, but rose slightly to 1.27% in January this year.

Since then, the rise has decreased for three consecutive months to 1.14% in February, 0.96% in March, and 0.74% this month.

Gangnam 3 districts, where high-priced houses such as Gangnam (0.40%), Seocho (0.21%), and Songpa (0.36%) were concentrated, rose relatively less, but outlying areas such as Gangbuk (1.97%), Dobong (1.76%), and Nowon (1.44%). The rate of increase in the region was high.

The prospective index for the sale price in Seoul, which KB surveyed about 4,000 brokerage establishments, was 104, which was lower than the previous month (108).

If this index is over 100, it means a high proportion of what it sees as an uptrend, and below 100 means the vice versa.

KB Live Real Estate analyzed that "the expectation that Seoul's house price will rise continues to fall."

The jeonse price is also calming nationwide.

The rent for housing in Seoul rose 0.56%, down from last month (0.68%).

Seoul jeonse price decreased for 5 consecutive months (1.50%→1.21%→0.93%→0.68%→0.56%) from November last year (2.39%) to this month.

The metropolitan area also rose 0.78% this month, reducing the pace of the increase for 5 consecutive months (1.32%→1.05%→0.97%→0.90%→0.78%) since last November (2.13%).

KB’s jeonse price forecast index was 99 in Seoul, which fell below 100 for the first time this year.

Like the trading prospects index, if this index exceeds 100, it is regarded as an upward trend, and below 100 means the opposite.

(Photo = Provided by KB Kookmin Bank's Live Real Estate, Yonhap News)