Dubai Customs recycles 134,000 pieces of counterfeit goods for 42 brands

Dubai Customs supports efforts to protect the environment in the UAE by recycling counterfeit goods that are seized in customs centers and preventing them from entering the local markets to protect society from its risks and damages and to protect the intellectual property rights of trademark companies. The department has completed recycling operations of about 134,000 pieces. Of the counterfeit goods of 42 brands with an estimated value of 1,018 million dirhams, in cooperation with the companies owning the trademarks, as it included counterfeit goods that were recycled into materials usable in other fields such as bags, clothes, watches, gloves, glasses and car filters, and the recycling operations took place in the presence of Representatives from the diplomatic corps of the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Director of the Intellectual Property Rights Protection Department at Dubai Customs, Youssef Uzair Mubarak, said: “Based on the department’s role in protecting the health and safety of society, we continue our efforts to address counterfeit goods by recycling them in cooperation with trademark owners to preserve the environment and prevent the damage from destroying counterfeit goods by traditional methods that contradict With the environmental protection regulations applied by the UAE, where recycling operations result in the conversion of counterfeit goods into materials that can be used in several areas, and thus we avoid our society the dangers caused by counterfeit goods and the environmental damage resulting from their destruction by traditional methods harmful to the environment.

He added: “We put our top priority on countering counterfeit goods and preventing their entry into the country through the customs centers of the Emirate of Dubai in order to avoid its environmental, health and economic damage, and we cooperate with diplomatic bodies in the country and trademark owners to achieve the best results that support the development of the UAE by protecting the intellectual property rights of traders and investors. To enhance the benefits offered by our national economy. "

He explained that recycling operations provide trademark owners with an alternative option that protects the environment and ensures that counterfeit goods do not compete with their original goods, which enhances their ability to fully collect their rights and achieve a return on investment in creativity and innovation to develop their products.

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