It's been two weeks in 20 days since the UK-based investment fund made an initial offer to acquire a major electronics manufacturer, Toshiba.

No detailed acquisition proposal has been presented so far, and it seems that the investment fund is continuing careful consideration in light of the fact that Toshiba's top management has changed.

This investment fund is "CVC Capital Partners", and on the 6th of this month, while Toshiba is in conflict with an overseas investment fund of a major shareholder, it will accelerate the speed of management decision making by canceling the listing on the stock market through acquisition. I was proposing that it would be possible.

CVC said that it would present a detailed acquisition proposal about 10 days after this initial proposal, but according to the people concerned, it will not be presented to Toshiba by the 20th, which is two weeks.

During this time, Mr. Nobuaki Kurumatani, who was once the chairman and co-representative of CVC Japan, resigned as president of Toshiba, and Mr. Satoshi Tsunakawa returned from chairman to president.

As for CVC, Toshiba's top management has been replaced, and the new president Tsunakawa has set out to strengthen dialogue in order to rebuild a relationship of trust with so-called "shareholders who say things," and returned to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in January. It seems that careful consideration is being continued, considering that there is a deep-rooted resistance to canceling the listing within Toshiba, which has achieved the above.