Restaurants, bars and hotels could be understaffed when they reopen.

Professional organizations in the sector are worried, because this situation could affect up to 100,000 employees. 

100,000 employees will be missing when restaurants, bars and hotels reopen.

This is the estimate that emerges from a study carried out at the request of employers' unions in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Kitchen assistants, servers, bartenders, demi-chefs de rang, chefs de rang or even butlers who may not be present when the activity, put on hold due to the Covid-19 crisis, will restart. 

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"The whole difficulty lies in the fact that since confinement, these professionals have been living a different life," explains Didier Chenet, president of the National Group of Independent Hotel and Restaurant Industry, interviewed on Europe 1. "Some have started working in these sectors at the age of 18, and since then they have always organized their personal life around this professional life, ”he explains.

But indeed, in partial unemployment for a year, they discovered that there is another possible life, closer to his family, by working in sectors of activity which offer "normal" hours and which offer salaries. comparable.

Strengthen the attractiveness of these sectors

The study shows that employees in these sectors fear both the conditions of their return, full-time or part-time, but also the loss of skills. This is why it is necessary to strengthen the attractiveness of these professions, according to the study. She cites several levers such as the payment of bonuses and vouchers, improving the quality of life at work, less vertical management and a more proactive training policy. "All the work that awaits us is to find how to re-motivate the troops", reacts Didier Chenet.