No plans to build a car!

Apple releases purple iPhone12

  China-Singapore Jingwei Client, April 21st, in the early morning of the 21st, Beijing time, Apple held the 2021 spring conference online, and the conference lasted one hour.

  At the press conference, Apple introduced the purple version of the iPhone12 series, as well as the new iMac all-in-one, iPad Pro tablet, Apple TV, AirTag Bluetooth anti-lost device and other products.

Screenshot source: Apple's official website

  Specifically, the purple version has been added to the iPhone 12 and 12mini, and the configuration has not been changed.

The new iMac and iPad Pro are equipped with M1 chips.

It is worth mentioning that Apple said that compared with the first generation of iPad Pro, this generation of iPad Pro GPU performance has increased by 1500 times.

Image source: Apple's official website

  In terms of price, Apple's official website shows that the starting price of Apple's new iPad Pro National Bank version is RMB 6,199, and the new iMac National Bank version starts at RMB 9999.

  It is worth noting that there was no mention of Apple car-related matters at the press conference. Earlier news said that Apple will briefly introduce the car-making plan at the press conference tonight.

Screenshot source: Wind

  In the secondary market, as of press time, Apple has fallen 2.11% and its share price is reported at $131.99 per share.

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