Interviewed fresh graduates choose more job applications

Stable jobs, flexible employment and emerging fields are all favored

  Spring recruitment is in progress.

Under the influence of the superimposed factors of fresh graduates and overseas returnees, fresh graduates face greater challenges in job hunting.

The development of new business formats and new careers also gives job seekers more career choices.

What are the characteristics of this year's freshmen in career choices?

Recently, the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily conducted a survey of 1,690 fresh graduates through the questionnaire website ( According to the interviewed fresh graduates, their job options are more diverse and stable. Work, flexible employment, and emerging fields are all popular.

65.3% of the fresh graduates interviewed said that there are more students around who have found jobs

  Michael Coco (pseudonym), a graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is currently preparing for the recruitment exam for college counselors. "I signed a state-owned enterprise in Guangzhou before, but I still want to stay in Wuhan to work."

  Michael felt that most of his classmates had job opportunities, and the overall job search process was relatively smooth. "Compared with casting a resume on the Internet, I feel that it will be more effective through the school presentation."

  In the survey, 65.3% of the fresh graduates interviewed said that there were more students around who found a job, and 27.7% of the fresh graduates surveyed felt that they were average.

  Speaking of job search goals, Michael feels that he has a more friendly personality and hopes to be a college counselor. At the same time, he also feels that this kind of work is stable. Classmates are willing to go to the Internet and the real estate industry. There are also anchors. A female student of mine started live broadcasting since her sophomore year and has now accumulated 2 million fans.

  Michael feels that everyone is now more diverse in career choices, whether it is favoring stable jobs, or choosing new occupations and new formats, through hard work, you can live the life you want.

  Yuan Zixuan (pseudonym), a 2021 undergraduate from Southwest University, is currently in the process of applying for a job. He feels that he has to choose his career according to the life he wants. Some people say that such a life is monotonous, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. The key is to suit them. As the Internet economy is so developed now, there may be many new business formats in the future, which may become career choices."

  "I feel that my classmates are more concerned about salary and benefits. Some companies can provide board and lodging, which is very attractive to everyone, because it will solve the number one problem for most graduates when they first work and save them a lot of money. "In addition, Yuan Zixuan feels that everyone will generally pay attention to the cultivation of newcomers by the company, and hope to know more about the promotion space and development prospects of employees in the job search.

  According to the interviewed fresh graduates, their job search options are more diverse.

Specifically, stable jobs (61.1%), flexible employment (49.1%), and emerging fields and industries (41.1%) are all favored by fresh graduates.

  38.4% of the fresh graduates of the interviewees feel that many people are lowering their job search goals and expectations, 37.8% of the fresh graduates of the interviewees said they would not get together in big cities, and 30.9% of the fresh graduates felt that more people would like to work at the grassroots level. .

What preparations should fresh graduates do in job hunting?

  "I didn't participate in the autumn recruitment because of the postgraduate entrance examination before, and now I have less experience in the interview, which is not very dominant." Yuan Zixuan feels that if he has more internship experience during school, he will have a clearer understanding of the industry.

  Teacher Chen Jie from the Enrollment and Employment Guidance Center of Yunnan Nationalities University feels that in recent years, many changes have taken place in the employment situation, and many new formats and occupations have emerged. College students should also go out of campus more to understand the development of careers in society. "I found a lot Classmates don’t know anything about the outside world and always take it for granted. For example, some students want to be teachers in public schools, but they don’t know how many class hours teachers generally require, and what tasks they have to undertake in addition to teaching tasks.”

  Chen Jie feels that the current students' self-knowledge and understanding are not enough, "What kind of person I am and what values ​​I have, only by combining these can I know what kind of work is suitable".

Chen Jie believes that although colleges and universities are now launching career planning courses, students are not paying enough attention to them, and the effects of the courses have not been fully developed. This also needs to be further improved.

  What preparations should fresh graduates make when applying for a job?

In the survey, 66.7% of the fresh graduates interviewed think that it is necessary to try actively and not deliberately delay avoiding employment. 64.6% of the fresh graduates interviewed think that they should accumulate more internship experience and improve their job search skills, and 57.7% of the fresh graduates interviewed think that reasonable design Set job goals and avoid being over-sighted and low-handed.

Other aspects include: finding employment before choosing a job, gradually improving career planning (51.3%), paying more attention to job market information, avoiding blindly following the trend (43.4%), understanding laws and policies, and protecting one's legitimate rights and interests (28.0%).

  Among the fresh graduates interviewed, males accounted for 46.1% and females accounted for 53.9%.

College students accounted for 12.1%, undergraduates accounted for 77.5%, and graduate students accounted for 9.7%.

  China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Sun Shan and intern Huang Xinyao Source: China Youth Daily

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