Companies employing "recurring" seasonal workers can hire them and place them directly on short-time work until the end of June, pending resumption of activity.

This measure announced by the Ministry of Labor concerns between 100,000 and 150,000 seasonal workers.

Companies employing "recurrent" seasonal workers will be able to place them on short-time work and benefit from aid until the end of June, in order to "prepare without delay for the resumption of activity", the ministry of Work in a press release.

Elisabeth Born thus hopes to secure the hiring of seasonal workers in the perspective of a recovery in the tourist economy from this spring and for the summer.



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An advantageous system for seasonal workers who, while awaiting the effective resumption of their employment, will benefit from the coverage of partial activity and will therefore receive 84% of their net salary - or even 100% if they are at the minimum wage.

This is also an advantage for employers in the hotel industry, restaurants, campsites or amusement parks, who will be able to immediately mobilize their teams as soon as their activity resumes. 

The device could concern between 100,000 and 150,000 seasonal workers

Recourse to partial activity will be authorized for seasonal workers having "either a renewed employment contract under the renewal obligation provided for by a collective agreement and / or in a clause of their employment contract" and having worked for the same employer last year;

"or a tacit renewal of a seasonal contract for the same period, materialized by the existence of at least two successive contracts".

In total, the device could concern between 100,000 and 150,000 seasonal workers.

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The placement in partial activity of the seasonal workers who are hired can intervene now, specifies the press release of the Ministry of Labor, and this will be possible until the end of June on the whole of the territory.