"Sagawa Express", a major courier company, unveiled an EV / electric vehicle of the size of a light vehicle developed for delivery on the 13th.

By 2030, we plan to replace all light vehicles for delivery with electric vehicles and work on "decarbonization" to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The light vehicle-sized EV / electric vehicle released this time was developed by Sagawa Express in collaboration with a venture company in Tokyo.

Since it can travel a distance of more than 200 kilometers on a single charge, it is expected to be used in a relatively short distance between the distribution center and the delivery destination.

The driver's seat is wider than usual, and there is space for trolleys and slips in the rear part of the vehicle where luggage is placed.

We plan to start using this vehicle next year and replace all 7,000 gasoline-fueled mini vehicles with electric vehicles by 2030.

This is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 28,000 tons per year, which is 10% of the company's total.

Masahide Motomura, president of Sagawa Express, said, "In the future, we would like to promote electrification of medium- and large-sized trucks and promote carbon neutrality."

In the logistics industry, Yamato Transport also introduced 500 electric vehicles to its delivery trucks last year, and the movement toward "decarbonization" is spreading.