[Explanation] In recent years, with the rapid development of Chengdu's medical beauty industry, more and more labels have been affixed to Chengdu's medical beauty industry: "The Capital of Medical Beauty", "The Third City of Medical Beauty", and "Tap". "Flying to do medical beauty" "medical beauty tourism"...

  It is understood that there are as many as 381 medical aesthetic institutions in Chengdu; the scale of the industry is second only to Beijing and Shanghai.

  In 2018, Chengdu issued the "Chengdu Medical Beauty Industry Development Plan (2018-2030)". The plan proposed that Chengdu plans to reach 100 billion yuan (RMB) in its medical and beauty industry revenue by 2025 and 200 billion yuan in 2030. China is leading the world's leading medical and beauty capital.

According to Wang Xidan, secretary general of the Chengdu Medical Beauty Industry Association, the above-mentioned plan is not a wild horse. In 2018, the scale of Chengdu's medical beauty industry has reached 48.7 billion yuan.

  [Concurrent] Wang Xidan, Secretary General of Chengdu Medical Beauty Industry Association

  In theory, the development of Chengdu's medical beauty industry has entered a relatively healthy cycle.

Because the number of medical aesthetic institutions in Chengdu reached 407 at the peak, now due to various reasons of market competition, there may be about 381 left now. You will find that if you stay, you will find that they are managing and operating. The brand, the whole aspect will be very healthy, showing a booming trend.

  [Explanation] Wang Xidan introduced that the concentrated medical and aesthetic resources and the higher cost-effectiveness compared with first-tier cities have attracted more and more consumers to Chengdu, and as consumers continue to improve their requirements for effectiveness and safety, they have also promoted Medical aesthetics institutions continue to optimize and upgrade in terms of technology, talents, and equipment.

  Preferential policies and the government's emphasis on industrial development have also attracted more medical and aesthetic companies to Chengdu to look for opportunities.

The Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences also chose to land its first branch outside Beijing, Chengdu Badachu Medical Aesthetic Hospital, in Chengdu in 2018.

  [Concurrent] Tang Yong, Dean of Chengdu Badachu Medical Beauty Hospital

  Last year, our entire revenue for the entire year increased by 30% compared with the year before. Just one and a half months out of 10 (months) of last year did not work, which should be about 10 months.

The work done in the last 10 months has increased compared with the work done in the previous year. As far as the variable is concerned, our prices have not changed. The entire revenue has increased by 30%, which shows that our volume has increased by 30% compared with the previous year.

  [Explanation] In fact, as the "facial value economy" continues to heat up, medical aesthetics has gradually become the "rigorous need" of some contemporary Chinese. Among them, light medical aesthetics with short recovery period and lower risk are the most popular.

A large number of consumers naturally flow to cities where medical and aesthetic resources are concentrated to "seeking beauty", and "medical beauty tourism" is quietly rising.

Sichuan Huamei Zixin Medical Aesthetic Hospital, one of Chengdu's top medical beauty institutions, has an overall revenue of about 600 million yuan in 2020.

Xue Hong, the general manager of the hospital, said that about 20% of the hospital's annual treatment population are foreign consumers who make a special trip.

  [Concurrent] Xue Hong, General Manager of Sichuan Huamei Zixin Medical Aesthetic Hospital

  Because everyone is particularly concerned about the beauty of medicine, it is actually very easy in many cases, even if it is an operation, it is actually very fast and convenient, even if it is hospitalized, it usually ends in two or three days, so it is a kind of tourism. , Is also a process of becoming beautiful.

  [Explanation] Wang Xidan regards this phenomenon as a new turning point in the development of Chengdu's medical beauty industry.

She said that medical beauty and tourism, finance, catering and other business formats are expected to achieve linkage development.

  Reporter He Xi from Chengdu

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]