Hamdan bin Mohammed witnesses the signing of an agreement between "Dubai Roads" and "Cruz Company" to operate self-driving taxis

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, Legal Executive Director of (General Motors - Cruise) Jeff Blesh, and his accompanying delegation, received during the meeting the latest developments in the use of autonomous vehicles, and efforts The global company is developing this technology, which is one of the areas of great interest in Dubai's future directions, as well as developments in safety systems in vehicles and electric cars, and ways to enhance cooperation in this field and support the regional office of the global company in Dubai, while reviewing the emirate’s efforts in terms of experiments. Made on self-driving mobility, to support its self-driving intelligent mobility strategy.

The meeting was attended by Secretary-General of the Executive Council Abdullah Muhammad Al-Basti, the Director General and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority Mattar Muhammad Al-Tayer, the US Consul General in Dubai Philip Frain, and the Executive Director of the Public Transport Corporation at the Roads and Transport Authority, Mr. Ahmed Bahruzian.

In addition, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum witnessed the signing of a partnership agreement between the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai and the "Cruise" company to operate the company's self-driving vehicles to provide taxi service and electronic reservation service, making Dubai the first city in the world outside the United States of America that operates Company vehicles.

The agreement was signed by Matar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA, and for Cruz, Legal Executive Director of the company Jeff Blesh, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Executive Council in Dubai, the US Consul General in Dubai, and the Executive Director of the Public Transport Corporation at the Roads Authority And transportation.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum praised the partnership between the Roads and Transport Authority and Cruz, which strengthens Dubai's leadership in the field of self-driving mobility, supports the emirate’s efforts in transforming Dubai into the smartest city in the world, and contributes to confirming its position as the best city to live and work on. The level of the world, His Highness noted that this agreement is the first of its kind in the world between a government agency and a leading company in the field of self-driving mobility, and constitutes an important step in achieving the Dubai strategy for self-driving smart mobility, which aims to convert 25% of the total transportation trips in Dubai to Self-driving trips by various means of transportation by 2030.

Global partnership

Matar Mohammed Al Tayer expressed his pride in signing the partnership agreement with Cruze, the world leader in autonomous technologies, backed by major car manufacturers, and uniquely producing a homogeneous vehicle whose autonomous technology parts were manufactured within production lines for cars to ensure the highest standards of performance and safety. These features have qualified the "Cruise" company to be the exclusive provider of operating self-driving vehicles, offering taxi and online reservation service until 2029.

He said: "Self-driving vehicles contribute to raising the level of traffic safety on the roads, as human error is the main cause of more than 90% of accidents. They are also distinguished by being environmentally friendly electric vehicles, capable of serving a large segment of customers, particularly the senior citizens, residents and people of determination." The agreement contributes to achieving Dubai's vision through self-driving technology by 2030, and includes reducing transportation costs by 900 million dirhams annually, saving 1.5 billion dirhams annually by reducing environmental pollution by 12%, as well as achieving 18 billion dirhams in annual economic returns. By increasing the efficiency of the transport sector in Dubai.

Innovative solutions

"Dubai will be the global platform for launching the Cruze's Origin Origin model, which is a vehicle dedicated to shared mobility without a driver. Under the agreement, Cruise will establish a new local company based in Dubai that will be fully responsible for the operation and maintenance of the fleet," added Mattar Al Tayer.

He stressed that choosing Cruz as an exclusive supplier to operate self-driving vehicles came after a comprehensive process that spanned for years to select the best possible partner. We found out that Cruze's technology, resources, specially designed vehicle, partnerships with car manufacturers, its approach to testing and safe operation, and the strategy followed give it visibility. The ability to launch Safe, faster than any other company.

The Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority said: “Preparations will soon begin to launch the autonomous vehicle service, and in 2023 autonomous cruise vehicles will be operated in a limited number, with plans to gradually increase these vehicles to reach 4,000 vehicles by 2030,” indicating. The Roads and Transport Authority will be responsible for governing the services provided by the company, and providing the appropriate legislative environment and the policies and regulations that allow the operation of this type of technology.

Quantum leap

Matar Mohammed Al Tayer pointed out that the spread of self-driving vehicles will constitute a quantum leap in the field of transport and communication systems, and provide innovative solutions for mobility and reduce congestion in the city, stressing the Authority’s keenness to achieve the principle of safety during the stages of operation, and the operation of the vehicle will be experimental in specific areas, and that the vehicle Equipped with the latest specialized technology, it includes cameras and sensors to read road conditions, control the vehicle and avoid colliding with any object.

He added: “The operation of self-driving taxis contributes to achieving integration between transportation and transportation systems by facilitating the movement of passengers on mass transit means, in addition to facilitating their access to their final destinations in line with the specialized strategy for the first and last mile approved by the authority last year for the first or last part. From the journey leading to or from the nearest means of mass transport, and it is divided into two parts, collective and individual.

Safe transportation

Cruz Company President Dan Aman expressed his gratitude for choosing the RTA for Cruise, praising the authority’s efforts in developing an innovative framework for the application of autonomous mobility.

Aman said that Cruise Origin vehicles will make transportation safer, provide the best customer experience, and more affordable and sustainable, in addition to that Dubai and the Roads and Transport Authority are working to transform this future vision into a reality that serves everyone.

For his part, the legal executive director of the global company, Jeff Bleach, praised the support and care enjoyed by the company's regional office in Dubai, which contributed to the expansion of its business.

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