On April 9th, the "Emotional Yuanshan First Education Charity Sharing Festival" was held in Beijing.

Well-known education experts from Peking University and the 21st Century Education Research Institute, as well as heavy guests from the government, enterprises, media, charitable organizations, research institutions and other fields, had wonderful sharing and discussion on the topic of "Education Tomorrow".

  Mr. Zhang Bangxin, the founder and CEO of Good Future Group, gave a speech at the sharing gathering, calling on everyone to pay attention to education in rural areas and work together to promote the realization of education equity.

Education for public welfare, using wisdom to help the poor

  First of all, thank you very much for your support to the Qingsi Yuanshan Charity Foundation, and welcome everyone to visit the "Love and Yuanshan First Education Charity Sharing Festival".

  As one of the sponsors of the Yuanshan Charity Foundation, I would like to thank you all for your company for so many years.

Participants in the first phase of the Grateful Foundation not only contributed their efforts, but also spent time, thoughts, and wisdom on the Yuanshan Charity Foundation.

Time, energy, and thought are more valuable than funds.

  Since its establishment in 2018, the Yuanshan Charity Foundation has been committed to relying on the technology of Internet + education, using dual-teacher classrooms, teacher training, and AI classrooms to provide support for teachers, students, and schools in remote areas.

We hope that in order to promote the realization of education equity, we will make some contributions within our capacity, so that the imbalance of education will no longer be an obstacle to the growth of some children.

We use wisdom to complete poverty alleviation, and empowerment to do a good job in education.

A Tibetan student's dream journey

  Here I want to tell you a story. There is a young girl named Renqing Zhuoma in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province. Her ideal is to study law, be a judge or be a lawyer.

  The college entrance examination is not an easy task for ethnic minority girls like Zhuoma. They not only need to use Chinese to answer papers, but also take English tests.

But Zhuoma's area lacks high-quality middle school English teaching resources, which has become an obstacle for her and her classmates to realize their dreams.

  In 2019, Qingxi Yuanshan Charity Foundation opened English double-teaching classes especially for many western regions.

Such a class also came to the Tongren Middle School where Zhuo Ma was located.

Teacher Yin Chaoyang from the Yuanshan Charity Foundation, together with Dolma’s teacher Nori, provided the children there with English lessons that are more suitable for preparing for the college entrance examination.

  Teacher Yin's class is humorous and dry. Zhuoma likes it very much. She is very active in her studies, progresses smoothly, and her confidence doubles. A little improvement every day is a big step in a few months.

After the college entrance examination, she received an acceptance letter from the Law Department of Nanchang University.

  We are very happy to see these children change their destiny through learning and really benefit from education and public welfare.

Now Renqing Zhuoma is already a freshman law student. Although the teacher still feels a little strenuous when the teacher teaches the whole course in English, she is very confident in her heart and will no longer doubt that she can be like two years ago. Can't learn English well.

  Zhuoma’s story is not an exception. In 2020, four more students from Zhuoma’s original school have benefited from the double-teacher English course and successfully passed their favorite university and dream major.

Technology makes education more warm

  In China, there are still many schools like Tongren Middle School. For students in these remote areas, some subjects are always weak and they need help and support.

Once every educational public welfare project is put in place, it will rewrite the life path and success of many children.

  Three years ago, when Ms. Yu Minhong and I discussed the need to establish public welfare projects and other things, we began to think that there are many organizations and people doing public welfare undertakings. As an educational organization, through the combination of technology and education, through double teachers And the carrier of AI courses can actually amplify high-quality resources.

  So what we are looking forward to is: technology makes education more warm.

Let us lower the threshold of high-quality education through the perfect combination of the two, so that all students, regardless of region and the gap between rich and poor, can cross the threshold, learn and grow together. This is education equity.

  2020 is a very extraordinary year. The world is experiencing a new crown pneumonia epidemic, and the world has undergone major changes unseen in a century.

Educators with sentiments and aspirations also encountered a lot of difficulties this year, but we have always gritted our teeth for the sake of our students.

The majority of educators are fighting on the two fronts of fighting the epidemic and suspending classes, protecting the physical and mental health of hundreds of millions of students, supporting the world's largest online education, and making important contributions to fighting the epidemic and resuming teaching in an orderly manner contribution.

  We have not only met the challenge, but also taken responsibility.

The Yuanshan Charity Foundation has many member units, such as New Oriental, Uncle Kai telling stories, love learning, etc., all of which provide free teaching and service resources to the society at the first time.

At the beginning of the epidemic, Good Future opened up online teaching systems such as Live Cloud to help tens of thousands of schools, institutions and 140,000 teachers tide over the difficulties.

  Education is the hope of thousands of families, and there is still a long way to go to achieve universal education in remote areas.

How to provide better and fairer education for children in more remote areas is an important topic for education practitioners.

  Colleagues and friends, from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization, let us join hands to focus on rural education for a long time, help rural education, help rural teachers, benefit rural students, let the rural revitalization due to education, and let every child have it A beautiful tomorrow.

  Thank you!