Specialized in transactions between companies, the company Libeo is recruiting 80 employees in France in 2021. Guest of "La France bouge" on Friday on Europe 1, the co-founder of this company, Jérémy Attuil, specified the profiles sought, which range from tech to sales jobs.

In full growth, the Libeo company seeks to grow and is recruiting.

For two and a half years, this company based in Paris, but which also functions a lot thanks to teleworking, has been developing a platform for payments between companies.

Its 50 employees manage transactions, from receipt of the invoice to payment.

These employees should soon be joined by 80 new people, as explained by the co-founder, Jérémy Attuil, on Friday in 

La France bouge

sur Europe 1.

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Technical teams and wanted salespeople

The manager intends to hire "developers, people who code or manage products, and therefore technical teams".

“We also need people who are in data analysis,” he adds, as well as “salespeople”.

Working in the company's Paris offices is not necessarily a prerequisite.

Telecommuting from another city can very well be accepted.

And regardless of the age of the candidates.

"We are of course looking for vital forces, for people coming out of schools," says Jérémy Attuil.

"But obviously, experience is important, so we are looking for talent, whatever their age."

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As for the skills required to apply, these do not need to be totally in line with the position sought.

"We are not necessarily looking for people who are, as soon as they arrive, experts in what we are doing," said the leader.

Jérémy Attuil says he is open to those who "have their own expertise and want to learn, to progress on certain subjects."

Offers in detail

How many offers?

80 permanent positions to be filled in 2021

Or ?

In Paris or elsewhere because some positions are possible by teleworking

Which profiles?

20% of positions are provided for young people leaving school.

But people with experience are also sought after, as well as seniors.

50% of the offers relate to tech professions: developers, technical product managers, data analysts, etc. The other offers correspond to sales, marketing and customer support positions.

Where to apply