[Explanation] On April 8, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the "Opinions on Supporting the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port to Relax Certain Special Measures for Market Access" recently formulated.

According to the relevant person in charge, the formulation of the "Special Measures" is another major policy dividend to support the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port. It is a breakthrough exploration of Hainan and even the national market access policy mechanism, including medical, financial, cultural, education, 22 specific measures in five other areas.

Some of these items have breakthrough significance for serving the country's major strategies and taking the lead in breaking the reforms in related fields in the country.

  [Concurrent] Jiang Yi, Deputy Director of the System Reform Department of the National Development and Reform Commission

  In the medical field, measures to increase drug market access support and encourage innovative drugs that have obtained marketing approval to be directly used by qualified medical institutions in Hainan Province in accordance with the principle of "following the approval".

In the financial field, starting from solving the problem of agricultural financing difficulties, through the introduction of informatization methods, promoting the collection and integration of data in the entire agricultural industry chain, and professional institutions to carry out risk assessment and credit evaluation.

In the cultural field, efforts are made to optimize the approval methods and standardize approval standards for commercial performances.

In the field of education, measures to support well-known domestic universities to establish international colleges in Hainan to create a world-class undergraduate education platform.

In addition, measures to optimize the access environment of the commercial aerospace market, and strive to overcome the many restrictions that domestic commercial aerospace companies face in obtaining launch stations, launching declarations, and processing related approvals, and coordinate the development of supporting industry chains.

  [Explanation] Li Dongyu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hainan Provincial Government, said that in the "Special Measures", it is proposed to support the construction of an integrated and open Wenchang International Space City in Hainan and promote the commercial aerospace industry chain to land in Hainan, which is of great significance to help China's commercial space development.

  [Concurrent] Li Dongyu, Deputy Secretary-General of Hainan Provincial Government

  As China's first coastal low-latitude launch base, Hainan Wenchang has the lowest launch cost, the most convenient maritime transportation of large-diameter rockets, the safest route landing area, the highest launch efficiency, and the most convenient free trade and investment policy.

Under the support and guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant ministries and commissions, Hainan Province will increase its support for Wenchang International Space City, further encourage and support commercial aerospace companies to deploy Hainan in major projects, and promote the construction of Hainan Wenchang into a national and even global commercial aerospace High ground.

  [Explanation] At the meeting, when talking about how the Hainan Provincial Government will organize the implementation of the "Special Measures" in a targeted manner, Li Dongyu responded:

  [Concurrent] Li Dongyu, Deputy Secretary-General of Hainan Provincial Government

  At present, Hainan has already set out to advance policy research and drafting.

With specific institutions such as the Boao Lecheng International (Medical) Tourism Pilot Zone and Wenchang International Aerospace City as the main body, Hainan Province will clearly support the guarantee mechanism and increase the "decentralization, management and service" efforts to ensure that support is in place.

In terms of legislation, institutions, planning, funds, talents, land, etc., those who can be supported in accordance with the power of affairs will be fully supported.

  Reporter Liu Xuanting reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]