We have never installed so many swimming pools in France as in 2020!

With nearly 30% more swimming pools compared to the previous year, the swimming pool market has a bright future ahead of it.

And with the new confinement, 2021 is also shaping up to be auspicious.


The swimming pool market has been doing well for years, but lockdowns have accelerated requests.

There are nearly 30% more swimming pools in 2020 than in 2019!

Jean-Louis Desjoyaux, the boss of Desjoyaux, the leader of the sector, says it: it's amazing.

"The pandemic said 'we can't go abroad'. We didn't know where we could go in France, so people refocused on their main residence - or second home for those who could move -, this which allowed us to end with good growth. "

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Smaller, better equipped

These pools are smaller than before - because the grounds are themselves smaller - but still more equipped, according to Joëlle Pulinx-Challet, the general manager of the Federation of swimming pool professionals.

"Today we are doing much more comfortable, easy to maintain. Most of the time, they are heated by a heat pump and much more pleasant to use," she explains in Europe 1. "Because ultimately , the first reason to buy a family swimming pool is family happiness ".

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The big consumer north

The average budget for an individual swimming pool is 24,000 euros.

It is in the north of France that the growth of swimming pools is the most important and all the professionals say it: this year 2021 also promises to be exceptional.