[Look at China along the highway] Chongming, Shanghai: Seize the opportunity of the Flower Expo to drive the construction of beautiful countryside

  【Explanation】The Chinese dream blooms and the ecological island blooms.

The 10th China Flower Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Flower Expo) will be held on May 21 in Chongming, Shanghai.

Recently, the "Looking at China along the High Speed" theme publicity event came to the preparation site for the 10th Flower Expo.

At present, the relevant construction work of the Flower Expo has entered the sprint stage and will be fully completed by the end of April.

  The China Flower Expo is a comprehensive flower event with the largest scale, the highest specifications and the most influential in the field of flower horticulture in China.

The total planned area of ​​the 10th Flower Expo Park is 10 square kilometers, and the meeting flower is "peony". Peony is known as "national color, heavenly fragrance" and "king of flowers", which means prosperity and good luck.

At the opening of the event, hundreds of flowers bloomed to welcome the guests, wonderful interpretation of the theme of "flowers blooming in China", Chongming will also become a "flower island on the sea".

  It is understood that this is the first time the Flower Expo has been held on islands, in the countryside, and in the forest, with unique characteristics.

  [Concurrent] Chen Qun, First Deputy Director of the Headquarters Office of the 10th Flower Expo

  The entire park maintains the ecological texture of our Chongming pastoral, as well as some elements such as water, wetlands, and forests that we are Chongming. It can be said that the ecological concept is our biggest feature in this Expo. Highlights.

  [Concurrent] Cai Jingyan, Deputy Director of Shanghai Road Transport Administration

  Chongming Island is a world-class ecological island that we are positioning. When (audiences) participate in the Flower Expo, they can experience this unique advantage of our world-class ecological island.

The second flower expo was originally held in the city a little more traditionally. This time it is held in our world-class ecological island. I believe that tourists can experience a unique feeling through this visit.

  [Explanation] As the starting section of the G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway in Shanghai, the 25.5-kilometer Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge has been transformed into an island in Chongming for more than 1,000 years. There has been no land passage, and Chongming has since entered the "fast lane" of development.

  In recent years, Chongming has actively implemented the strategy of rural revitalization, and ecological homestays and characteristic industries have blossomed all over the island.

Jianjian Town, as the "gateway town" of the 10th China Flower Expo, insists on ecological priority and green development, and vigorously promotes the integrated development of agriculture and tourism.

  [Concurrent] Yu Shunkang, First Secretary of Hongqiao Village, Jianshe Town

  Because the revitalization of the village first requires the revitalization of the industry, so Hongqiao Village has always been a project of homestays and farmhouses as a relatively good industrial development. Then with the opening of the flower expo, we are now also promoting our flower industry and making our flower industry Combining and integrating with our homestay industry will promote a relatively large improvement in the environment, economic development, and humanistic society of the entire Hongqiao Village.

  [Explanation] Yu Shunkang, the first secretary of Hongqiao Village, Jianshe Town, revealed that as the east wind of the Flower Expo blows, many villagers form groups to join the homestay industry. The village conducts unified brand marketing and management, and the average annual household income exceeds 100,000 yuan. .

  In addition to the homestay industry, the "beautiful economy of a flower" also quietly opened up.

As an important part of the Sino-Dutch Tulip Industrial Base, "Hongqiao Flower Township" has built a flower industry base of nearly 8,000 square meters. Hongqiao Village will turn the flower industry into a one-stop service and do product research and development, such as essential oils.

At the same time, it will also create a development model of "flowers + tourism".

  Reporter Xu Yin Kang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]