, Wuhan, April 7 (Wu Yili) Since April last year, the Hubei Provincial Grain Bureau and the Provincial Grain Industry Association have organized some grain and oil companies to jointly carry out the "'Jingchu Earth' Good Grain and Oil Reward'The Most Beautiful Angel'" activity.

  The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Hubei Provincial Government Information Office on the 7th that Hubei has sent more than 100,000 grain and oil products worth nearly 9 million yuan to more than 47,000 aid workers across the country.

  According to Hu Xinming, director of the Food Bureau of Hubei Province, the feedback activity lasts for one year. The "Reward Gifts" will be sent in 4 phases, which are scheduled for last year's Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, this year's Spring Festival and the first anniversary of Wuhan's "unblocking".

  The "Give Back Gift" focuses on high-quality rice from Hubei, which has won the titles of "China's Good Cereals and Oils" and "Jingchu Good Cereals and Oils", as well as hot-dried noodles, rice oil, sesame oil, rice wine, olive oil and other Hubei characteristic high-quality grain and oil products.

Among the many grain and oil companies in the province, 36 products from 33 companies were selected to give thanks to the people in Hubei with the "best grain and oil".

The picture shows thanks to Kawu Yili

  In addition, the design of "Give Back Gifts" is also very characteristic of Jingchu.

Each product package not only uniformly prints the "Jingchu Earth" good grain and oil logo, but also comes with a gratitude card with blessings on the themes of harmony, upward, reunion, and "Welcome to Hubei", which fully integrates anti-epidemic memories , Hubei impression, gratitude and other main content, sent with the product.

  Hu Xinming said that since the start of the feedback activity, the Food Bureau of Hubei Province has received more than 5,500 genuine feedbacks from aid workers in Hubei.

"This event has become an important link for the emotional communication between Hubei's grain industry and the aid workers in Hubei." He said.

  According to reports, in order to ensure the safety of sending the "return gift", the Hubei Provincial Food Bureau coordinated the express companies to open up special operation areas, unified reception, unified management, and unified delivery. All products were entrusted to the Provincial Grain and Oil Testing Center for on-site re-inspection to ensure high quality. ,Green health.