China News Agency, Shanghai, April 8 (Wang Wang Tao) "During the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, Shanghai will basically become a global trade hub, Asia-Pacific investment portal, international consumption center city, Asia-Pacific supply chain management center, and an innovative highland for trade and investment systems. Completely build into an international convention and exhibition capital. Strive to achieve a leap in the energy level of the Shanghai International Trade Center after five years of hard work." said Zong Ming, deputy mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

  The Shanghai Municipal Government held a press conference on the 8th to introduce the "Plan for Upgrading the Energy Level of Shanghai International Trade Center during the 14th Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan").

The "Plan" proposes a total of 23 key tasks and measures in 6 areas.

In terms of building a global trade hub, it will create an import and export commodity distribution center that links the Yangtze River Delta, serves the whole country, and radiates to the Asia-Pacific.

In terms of building an international convention and exhibition capital, we will continue to amplify the spillover effect of the CIIE, innovate and develop an exhibition model integrating “online and offline”, and at the same time create an international city convention and exhibition promotion system.

  According to the "Plan", Shanghai will build an Asia-Pacific investment gateway in the future.

Regarding this, Gu Jun, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that while Shanghai continues to increase the scale of foreign investment, it is also vigorously attracting regional headquarters and foreign R&D centers of multinational companies to improve the quality of foreign investment.

  "In the first quarter of this year, Shanghai set up 14 regional headquarters of multinational companies and 5 new foreign R&D centers. Why are these figures? Foreign-funded enterprises invest in Shanghai mainly because they are optimistic about China's overall development and also recognize Shanghai's business environment. In this way Under the trend and foundation, Shanghai has reasons and responsibility to do better." Gu Jun said.

  Specifically, first, relying on Pudong’s high-level reform and opening up, the Free Trade Zone, Lingang New Area, Hongqiao International Open Hub and other key areas, actively connect with RCEP and CAI, benchmark CPTPP high-standard economic and trade rules, and take the lead in key areas such as the service industry. The field strives for the pilot policy of the first trial.

The second is to closely integrate the introduction of foreign capital with the improvement of the energy level of Shanghai's industrial clusters in terms of perfecting, consolidating and upgrading the industrial chain.

The third is to focus on further optimizing the business environment, so that foreign-invested companies already in Shanghai "more at ease, more at ease, and happier", so that companies that have not yet come to China or invest in Shanghai can look for more investment in Shanghai. opportunity.

  Accelerating the development of new formats and models of international trade is also an important way to strengthen the new momentum of foreign trade development.

Zong Ming said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, a very important aspect of the Shanghai International Trade Center's work to improve quality and develop energy levels is to further explore and expand new types of trade development, including offshore trade, entrepot trade, cross-border e-commerce, Digital trade, etc.

  "In terms of enhancing the function of the re-export trade hub, it will promote the optimization of the functions and route layout of Yangshan Port and Waigaoqiao's "two ports", simplify entry and exit filing procedures, and improve the smoothness and freedom of cargo circulation. The construction of Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone International Transit Integrated service center." Zong Ming said that scientific, intelligent, and convenient supervision models will also be promoted in high-end equipment manufacturing, cruise maintenance and ship supply, coastal piggybacking, and multimodal transportation.