It turned out that Hitachi Metals, a major electronics manufacturer, is in talks to sell its subsidiary, Hitachi Metals, a major metal manufacturer, to investment funds in Japan and the United States.

According to the people concerned, Hitachi Metals is proceeding with negotiations to sell Hitachi Metals, which is a subsidiary and holds more than 50% of the shares, to the American investment fund "Bain Capital" and the Japanese investment fund "Japan Industrial Partners". It means that there is.

Hitachi has set a policy of concentrating investment in IT and digital technology businesses and is proceeding with the sale of group companies, and was considering selling Hitachi Metals as well.

On the other hand, last month, the company announced that it would acquire the IT company "Global Logic" based in Silicon Valley in the United States for more than 1 trillion yen, and through the reorganization of the group, it will meet the demand for DX = digital transformation at home and abroad. It seems that the aim is to incorporate and enhance competitiveness.