"China Civil Aviation News" and China Civil Aviation Network reporter Zhao Dan reported: On April 6 and 7, the Civil Aviation Administration issued circuit breaker instructions to China Southern Airlines Flight CZ6044 (Nairobi to Changsha) and Italy's Leos Air Flight NO946 (Milan to Nanjing).

  According to the report, 6 passengers who entered China Southern Airlines flight CZ6044 (Nairobi to Changsha) had a positive nucleic acid test on March 25.

Starting from April 12, the flight operation will be suspended for 2 weeks.

There were 10 passengers with positive nucleic acid test on Leos Air Flight NO946 (Milan to Nanjing) who entered the country on March 26.

Since April 12, the flight will be suspended for 4 weeks.

The fused flight volume shall not be used for other routes.

  The Civil Aviation Administration requires that the number of fused flights on the two flights shall not be used on other routes.

Flights on both routes before April 12 can continue. If the fusing mechanism is triggered during the period, the fusing time will be calculated cumulatively.

The two airlines should do a good job in providing services such as passenger comfort and ticket refunds and changes under the guidance of the local embassies and consulates.