Swiss financial giant Credit Suisse reveals that losses amount to about 510 billion yen in Japanese yen over transactions with U.S. investment companies that are at risk of loss at multiple financial institutions around the world, including Japan I made it.

Credit Suisse announced on the 6th that it will lose 4.4 billion Swiss francs and about 510 billion yen in Japanese yen in transactions with US investment companies.

The investment company is considered to be "Arquegos Capital Management" in the United States, and Credit Suisse requested an additional margin due to poor investment performance, but did not respond.

As a result, Credit Suisse has also announced that investment banking and risk management executives will take responsibility for retiring as pre-tax profits and losses from January to March are expected to fall into the red.

Regarding transactions with US investment companies, Nomura Holdings is in the process of finalizing the estimated loss amount of about 220 billion yen, and Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings and Mizuho Financial Group are also aware that there is a risk of loss. The impact is spreading to Japanese financial institutions.