In 2020, it focused on merging its acquisitions while adding digital solutions to their products

DP World aims to raise its total capacity to 97.5 million containers by the end of 2021

  • DP World establishes production and distribution centers in attractive strategic locations near sea, air, land and railways.

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  • Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem: “Investing in digital platforms and automating processes brings great returns and facilitates doing business for companies.”


Dubai Ports World Group confirmed that its expansion plans will add about four million containers, with a projected total capacity of about 97.5 million TEUs by the end of 2021, as part of its activity to meet the requirements of cargo owners.

She added, in an explanatory statement, that "Emirates Today" obtained a copy of it, that it may add about one million containers to its "Cocido" station in the Dominican Republic, in exchange for about 1.1 to its operations in South Korea and 400 thousand containers in Karachi, as well as additional expansion in the markets. Australia, Egypt and India are expected to increase the capacity in these markets from about 57.9 million containers at the end of 2020 to 60.6 million containers at the end of 2021.

Two acquisitions

The Group's annual report for 2020 stated that in recent years it has made strategic investments in the acquisitions of companies that enjoy high growth rates and a distinguished record in customer relations, allowing it to expand its logistics network and enhance its ability to transport and supply goods.

She explained that in 2020 it acquired 60% of the shares of the "Unico Logistics" company, and three of the five business units of the "Trans World" group, stressing that this increases the capabilities of its network and presence, from central and western Europe to East Africa, the Gulf, and the Indian subcontinent. , And Southeast Asia.

She stated that the units of Trans World were acquired through the “Unifidr” company affiliated with “DP World”, pointing out that “Trans World” is a specialized company that deals with about 1.2 million 20-foot typical containers annually, and its business covers all ports. And major land terminals and destinations through its logistical branches, and land logistics services include delivery solutions for the first and last phases in the Indian domestic market.

Unico Logistics

DP World stated that Unico Logistics, a company specializing in multi-modal transport, enjoys a well-known position in the trans-continental rail freight market between East and Central Asia and Russia, especially the Trans-Siberian and China Railways.

The group confirmed that the acquisition of these two companies enhances the capabilities of providing solutions, as well as the possibility of combining its large network of ports and our land logistics services, to provide appropriate solutions for supply chains, indicating that it will continue to build on its strategic vision, to communicate directly with end consumers and cargo owners. Through integrated solutions that allow to eliminate inefficiencies, and accelerate the pace of trade growth.

Strategic locations

DP World Group stated that, given that global manufacturing companies seek to enhance communication with their customers, improve logistics services, and expand into new markets, the group establishes production and distribution centers in attractive strategic locations close to sea, air, land and railways.

She emphasized that this multi-modal approach enhances freight quantities and reduces transit times, at a time when the group focuses on developing these projects in multiple locations, as well as owns, manages and invests in logistics services, which lead to enhancing the movement of goods and the continuity of commercial activities.

The group said that in 2020, it focused on integrating the companies it acquired into its operations, while adding digital solutions to its product offerings, to currently provide products and integrated supply chain solutions that are efficient and transparent, that have won the satisfaction of customers.

Revenue growth

"Dubai Ports World" stated that it offers in India an integrated solution that extends from linking to ports, to land logistics, and outstanding capabilities in refrigerated freight, and short sea voyages, at a time when the company, "Unifidr", a subsidiary of the group, in Europe, continues to provide transportation services. From major centers to smaller ports.

The group affirmed that it will continue to expand its business in new markets, pointing out that it is in a position to eliminate shortcomings in the supply chain and provide high added value to all merchandise owners.

She indicated that the growth of its direct sources of revenue from the owners of the goods is the best evidence of the success of its strategy.

Assets and companies

The Chairman and CEO of DP World, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, said in the introduction to the annual report, "The focus on innovation and technology has led to the enhancement of the group's business flexibility more than ever before."

He added: “As we continue our evolution to become a major global logistics services company based on data, we are strengthening these efforts through several physical assets that include 136 companies in 61 countries, supported by a skilled workforce of more than 53,000 employees, as we aim to provide our services to cover 10%. Of commercial activity around the world ».

Bin Sulayem added: “Investing in our digital platforms and automating processes to intelligently move goods brings great returns and facilitates doing business for companies.

In 2020, we launched online logistical tools and services that include sea, land and air freight around the world, and we are currently offering the new generation of products and services to cargo owners and freight forwarders all over the world, and our interconnected platform system allows freight forwarders and companies to make reservations to ship goods from any A place and any place in the world ».

He said, "We also created the (Digital Shipping Alliance), which is an electronic platform that brings together freight forwarders around the world, and provides them with a set of new tools, methods and services."

Free trade port

Dubai Ports World Group confirmed that the value it provides to its customers is: "Providing high-quality infrastructure and a system that contributes to the prosperity of trade movement."

She added, “Our group benefits from long-term leases that have contributed to the stability of our business despite major challenges.

Its team spent the year 2020 preparing for further expansion, as it finally attracted the global logistics company DHL to the London Gateway Port in the United Kingdom, where it built an automated warehouse of 482,000 square feet.

The group revealed that it is working to increase its capacity in the coming years, pointing out that in the United Kingdom it continues to explore options for establishing a free trade port, to help facilitate commercial traffic, after Britain's exit from the European Union, at a time when it began building a free zone in Mumbai, India. While exploring growth opportunities in the Americas.

Marine services for governments and corporations

"DP World" stated that its portfolio is distinguished by its integrated services that include specialized ships, customized solutions and port services. Therefore, it has become a leading provider of maritime services to governments, companies and organizations on six continents, bringing together the best logistics services, the highest safety standards, and the preservation of the environment.

She emphasized that she has employed her specialized skills in managing and operating ships, from cargo ports to specialized industrial sites, to provide global experiences that contribute to the continuation of any maritime facility running smoothly and efficiently.

It also continues to enhance its capacity to provide support services, and to develop several world-class marinas.

She indicated that in 2020, the work of the «Topaz Energy and Navigation» company was fully integrated within the operations of «P&O Navigation», to create a company «P&O for marine logistics», which aims mainly to provide solutions that serve the energy sector, pointing to the achievement of the company good performance.

Special economic zones

Dubai Ports World stated that in light of the changing global trade dynamics, the need for specialized areas characterized by advanced infrastructure and access to international shipping services has increased, pointing out that global manufacturing companies have sought to acquire these sites, in search of ways to approach Of its customers, improving its logistics services, and expanding into new markets.

She emphasized that, in response to these changes and requirements, the group has relied on its expertise in developing and managing the large free zone in Jebel Ali, and has replicated it in key global sites.

And she continued, "Based on this, we currently own, develop and manage industrial complexes, special economic zones, and specialized facilities around the world that contribute to enhancing the movement of trade."

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