New tricks for "aging" financial services have emerged one after another

Our reporter Qian Qingni

  Will not use the new self-service smart devices in the branch to conduct business, cannot understand the mobile banking or WeChat banking with a wide range of services, and cannot answer the multiple "commands" issued by the machine customer service...Intelligent technology developed to improve service quality and efficiency, But it is quietly becoming a "digital gap" between some elderly people and basic financial services.

  In the opinion of many people in the industry, with the intelligent transformation of bancassurance business, how to integrate the elderly into the information age, so that the elderly can “see clearly, use them, and complete them” more easily and conveniently. Online business processing is an issue that needs to be considered in financial technology innovation, and it is also the proper meaning of bancassurance institutions to protect the rights and interests of financial consumers.

  On March 30, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Notice on Banking and Insurance Institutions to Effectively Solve the Difficulties of the Elderly in the Use of Intelligent Technology" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which clearly pointed out that it is necessary to further solve the problems encountered by the elderly in the use of intelligent technology in the field of bancassurance services. The difficulties encountered have allowed the elderly to better share the fruits of the financial industry’s informatization development.

The "Notice" has made clear requirements in terms of the layout of outlets, manual services, counter services, emergency protection and use procedures, and mobile banking APP.

  It is worth noting that, while accelerating digital construction, many banks have recently strengthened "aging" financial services, from inside to outside branches, to help the elderly fully integrate into the information society and enhance their sense of acquisition.

The reporter learned that in order to solve the digital financial application for the elderly, as early as February last year during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Bank of Shanghai issued an initiative to unite 25 units of industry associations, large enterprises, news media and other institutions to teach parents and elders around them. "Use mobile phone home skills to reduce going out and guard the family's defense line."

Specifically, it includes mobile shopping, online payment, obtaining the "code with application" and using it correctly in various scenarios, as well as simple operations such as bank APP query and deposit, which have received wide responses from all walks of life.

  "Although our branches popularize intelligent financial services for the elderly, the traditional business processing model is still retained. Elderly customers who cannot adapt to smart devices can still choose the traditional model they are familiar with to handle related businesses." Relevant staff of Zhejiang Taizhou Bank Said.

At the same time, the bank also specially opened a mobile banking "mobile business hall" video teller service to help middle-aged and elderly people to handle banking business online. Customers only need to connect to the video with one click, and communicate face-to-face through online video to improve the online experience of the elderly. Financial service level.

It is understood that the proportion of users in rural areas of the bank's mobile business hall has reached 51.07%, of which about 250,000 customers are over the age of 50. In 2020, the total number of users received is 145,000.

  In addition to arranging staff guidance at branches, some banks are also adding exclusive facilities for the elderly, such as providing reading glasses, caring wheelchairs, mobile phone charging, glasses washing machines, etc., to provide services for the elderly who come to handle business. Convenience, so that the increasingly technological sense of bank branches are full of temperature.

In the Beijing branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, if elderly customers need to do business at the counter, the branch queuing machine has also set up a "green channel" option for them. Elderly customers can click to receive the "green channel" queuing number and go to the special "love service window" "Handle business.

  The mobile banking APP has now entered the lives of more financial consumers. In order to better serve the elderly, some banks have specially launched a large-print version of the mobile banking APP.

Not long ago, the reporter saw in the lobby of Youannanqiao Sub-branch, Beijing Branch of Postal Savings Bank of China, that citizen Li Uncle was learning to use mobile banking under the guidance of the lobby manager.

It can be seen that the large print version of Postal Savings Bank's mobile banking APP is not only larger in fonts, but also simple in layout. In accordance with the actual needs of middle-aged and elderly customers, the menu has been simplified into two major channels, "Home" and "My".

On the homepage, it also highlights the functions commonly used by middle-aged and elderly customers, such as detailed inquiry, smart transfer, wealth overview, life payment, and wealth management services.

At the same time, elderly customers can also connect to online customer service or call customer service through the "Online Customer Service" button in the upper right corner of each function page.

  The large print version of the mobile banking APP is simple and easy to use. Coupled with the patient guidance of the lobby manager, Uncle Li quickly learned to use mobile banking.

"I didn't know how to use mobile banking before, but after I learned it, it was very convenient. I can now handle business on mobile banking by myself, and I just paid water and electricity bills using mobile banking." Uncle Li said.