China News Service, April 1st. Logistics is an organic part of the real economy. Promoting high-quality development of logistics is the only way to realize the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry itself.

At the same time, it is also an inevitable choice to reduce the logistics cost of the real economy, especially the manufacturing enterprises, and enhance the vitality of the real economy.

  On March 29, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Shuanghui Logistics and Baidu was held in Luohe, Shuanghui Logistics Department.

The two parties have reached a consensus on building a leading smart supply chain service ecosystem in the country, and will further develop cooperation in the construction of the network freight platform and the Lengyitong smart logistics park, so that the professional platform operation and management capabilities are deeply integrated with advanced Internet technology and social benefits A new situation for a win-win situation with economic benefits.

  At the event site, the two parties discussed and exchanged opinions on matters such as the integration and development of logistics and technology, the transformation and upgrading of traditional logistics, and the strategic cooperation between the two parties. The two parties reached a high degree of consensus on the development trend and cooperation direction of the industry. This signing marked the agreement between Shuanghui Logistics and Baidu. Cooperation has entered a new stage of development.

Zhang Taixi, Chairman of Shuanghui Logistics, Xing Jinjiao, General Manager, Yang Yizhe, Deputy General Manager, Li Ying, Vice President of Baidu Group, Ji Yongzhi, General Manager of Baidu Maps, and Li Zhitang, General Manager of Baidu Maps Business Development, attended the signing ceremony.

  Shuanghui Logistics is a leading company in the field of cold chain logistics in China. It has a deep understanding of logistics operations and rich management experience. It is working hard to improve the digital supply chain service system, the intelligent cold chain logistics tracking system and the three-dimensional cold chain logistics network system construction .

At present, Shuanghui Logistics has established 19 provincial-level logistics companies and 5 offices across the country, forming a comprehensive logistics service integrating refrigerated highway cargo transportation, warehousing, regional distribution, car sales, car repair, and information services. platform.

  Baidu is a leading AI company with a strong Internet foundation, and has deep technical accumulation in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence.

As the information infrastructure of the logistics industry, Baidu Maps intelligent logistics solution integrates location services, AI technology, and traffic entry. It runs through all aspects of pre-shipment scheduling, in-transit management, and post-transport analysis, and can be a platform for express delivery and freight transportation. Partners in many vertical logistics fields, such as FMCG, FMCG, and energy, have greatly reduced transportation costs, and have become a weapon for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the entire logistics industry.

  In this cooperation, the two parties will focus on improving and optimizing the capacity of the Shuanghui logistics network freight platform.

The network freight platform is not only a technical carrier for efficiently connecting cargo sources and capacity, but also an operating tool that cooperates with national tax supervision and reduces logistics transportation and management costs.

The complementary advantages of the two parties will effectively help Shuanghui Logistics to form a five-in-one service and operation capability covering "drying, warehouse, distribution, trade, and financing" and supporting information capabilities to realize green logistics, efficient logistics, safe logistics, and smart logistics. .

  This strong alliance between Shuanghui Logistics and Baidu to determine the strategic partnership is not only a manifestation of the mutual trust between the two parties, but also a beneficial practice in the construction of the supply chain service ecosystem. It will provide a new model for the intelligent upgrading of the logistics industry and build cooperation and development between the two parties. The new platform and new mechanism will enhance the level and level of strategic coordination, and promote the further development of the logistics industry of both parties, so as to achieve mutual complementarity, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly promote the development of China's cold chain logistics industry.