China News Service, April 1st. Gao Feng, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, said today that the anti-dumping duties imposed on Australian wines are in compliance with WTO rules and relevant Chinese domestic laws.

  At a regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce today, a reporter asked: The Ministry of Commerce has ruled to impose anti-dumping duties on wine imported from Australia. According to media reports, the Australian Minister of Trade said that he might consider submitting this issue to the World Trade Organization in the next step. How does the Ministry of Commerce respond to this?

  Gao Feng responded that the adoption of anti-dumping measures is a legitimate right granted to all members by the WTO.

In August 2020, the Ministry of Commerce initiated an anti-dumping investigation against wines imported from Australia in response to a domestic industry application.

After investigation, the Ministry of Commerce ruled to adopt corresponding trade remedy measures in accordance with the law.

The ruling report indicated that there was dumping of related wine imports from Australia, which caused substantial damage to China's domestic industry. The adoption of anti-dumping measures complies with the relevant provisions of WTO rules and China's domestic laws.