Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki and Minister of Strategy and Finance announced today (31) that they will allow voluntary shared ride services during the first half of this year to support win-win support for the taxi and platform industry.

Deputy Prime Minister Hong unveiled these '21 innovation tasks in the industrial complex and mobility sector' at the 32nd Emergency Economy Central Countermeasure Headquarters and the 10th New Deal Relations Ministers' Meeting held at the Seoul Government Complex.

The government is promoting the introduction of a location information system (GPS) app meter and deregulation of the platform affiliate business.

In order to revitalize autonomous driving technology, we plan to expand the scope of disclosure of precision road maps during this year.

We expand and allow the supply of customized locations in industrial complexes for U-turn companies, and improve rental rates and periods so that the industrial complex becomes the basis for the growth of new industries.

In order to expand the campus innovation park linked to industry-academia-research centers, and to attract promising industries, we are planning to allow residents in Changwon Hydrogen Industries, Osong Healthcare, and quarantine industries in five national industrial complexes.

With regard to urban air transportation (UAM) using eco-friendly and low-noise aircraft, it has announced that it will prepare a technology roadmap from 2023 to 2035 to prepare for full-scale popularization in 2035.

(Photo = Yonhap News)